Today’s construction HR professionals find themselves facing their biggest challenges in the areas of compliance, hiring and training.

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Even before COVID-19, compliance in the construction industry was complex and constantly evolving. Competition for skilled workers has become more intense than ever, and changing technologies create an ongoing need for workforce retraining.


Today’s Construction Workforce Challenges

Construction companies are struggling to find, retrain and reskill workers fast enough to keep pace with their needs. This infographic outlines first steps construction companies can take to insure successful workforce management. Checkout the Infographic

It’s vital for HR pros in construction to work smarter, not harder. That means they need to focus continuously on workforce development and find ways to automate and improve HR processes to increase efficiency.

As a result of the labor shortage, the US Chamber of Commerce reports these consequences.

87% of construction companies are concerned about employees having adequate skill levels

71% say they are struggling with scheduling

58% have had to increase their bids

39% have turned down work


3 Top Tips for HR Success in Construction and Contracting

This guide provides practical tips for improving efficiency and productivity for HR professionals considering ways to accomplish multiple objectives.
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Construction companies need HR technology to overcome the challenges creating a drag on their ability to compete. Ben Eubanks of Lighthouse Research and Advisory developed some insights on HR technology prepared specifically for the construction industry. Eubanks notes “The money a company invests in its people, and the tools to manage them, is the most predictive metric for whether the company will be successful and profitable.”

Construction HR software can give construction and field service companies the edge they need to grow and prosper in today’s challenging environment.


Gaining That Competitive Edge 3 Things Construction Companies Need to Know About HR Tech and Organizational Agility

Technology has become increasingly important in the construction industry. From the office to the field, technology is now linked with the ability to flex with changing market and economic conditions.

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“We do project analysis meetings every month for every project. We found that the reporting out of Arcoro is perfect for that.”

Teresa Blamires - Controller, Current Builders

65% of companies indicated that 2020 exposed critical gaps in their talent acquisition technology.

Source: Lighthouse Research

Speed Construction Hiring

From completing projects on time to reducing mistakes and callbacks, construction companies benefit when they have the tools they need to hire the best workers, get them on the job quickly, and keep them engaged so they don’t seek work elsewhere.

To build your workforce, you need to get to the best workers first, and encourage them to apply for your openings. Donley’s, a Cleveland-based concrete contractor, used Arcoro’s applicant tracking solution to streamline recruiting efforts across four states in a single platform, minimizing paperwork and saving time for the HR team.


Donley’s Case Study

Learn how Donley’s overcame some of today’s biggest workforce management challenges with help from HR automation tools.

Checkout the Case Study

Using the system made it easier for workers to apply. According to Ben Eubanks of Lighthouse Research and Advisory, this is critical. “Don’t create friction. Don’t make it harder on those candidates to get to the end of the process or you’ll end up losing out to someone who has an easier apply.”

Overcoming the Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

Using an applicant tracking system also helps construction companies build a talent pool they can draw on for future openings, another important tactic for companies that have frequent openings they need to fill quickly.


Create a Talent Pool Lifeline

Companies with an ongoing need for skilled workers can follow the steps described in this guide to build a talent pool system.
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Once you hire new employees, you need to get them to work quickly. You want to provide them with a great onboarding experience that will include necessary training while building loyalty and fostering productivity.

Construction’s unique onboarding challenges.
  • Employees are likely starting on the jobsite. It might not make sense to bring new workers into a central office to complete their paperwork and any necessary training.
  • Licensing needs tracking and management. Some of your new employees probably have professional licenses that you need to have on file, and that will need to be updated as they are renewed.
  • Safety is key. New construction employees are often operating heavy or specialized equipment in an environment where safety must come first.


Secrets for Onboarding Successfully in a Virtual Environment

Many companies are facing the challenge of onboarding new workers virtually as remote work becomes the norm. The right onboarding software is your secret weapon for making a great first impression on your new hire and saving your organization time and money.
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HR software helps construction companies overcome workforce challenges from hiring to onboarding to training.

Arcoro enables construction HR leaders to attract and hire the right people for the job with a focus on retaining skilled employees long-term.

With Arcoro’s applicant tracking solution you can:

  • Reach the right candidates at the right time
  • Build a talent bBench
  • Reduce risk and maintain compliance

Arcoro’s Onboarding Module helps construction companies tackle onboarding challenges with features that increase efficiency while creating a great employee experience.

  • New hires can complete paperwork before day one on the job.
  • Reduce Organizational Risk by ensuring employee data is handled in a consistent and compliant manner.
  • Onboard Groups with Kiosk Mode using a central workstation or mobile device

When used alongside the Arcoro Applicant Tracking System (ATS), new hire onboarding forms can be populated with information from your new hire’s application for a smooth onboarding process without the need to re-enter data.

In 2019, construction industries accounted for almost 20% of all workplace illness and injuries, even though construction represents only 6% of the workforce.

-U.S. Bureau of labor statistics

Simplify Construction Safety Training

Safety training is always a priority for construction companies. It is critical for maintaining safe jobsites, avoiding risk and keeping up productivity. Tracking and delivering training can be difficult when most of your workers are in the field.

HR software makes it possible to take training to your workforce in a manner that makes it more convenient for everyone. With construction HR software, you can offer training in the cloud. Online learning has been shown to be highly effective, and it can be accessed by employees individually, from anywhere. You don’t need to stop work to bring your crew together to meet with an in-person trainer.

Online learning systems also make it easier for your HR team to track course completions and create required reporting.


Nail Better Worksite Safety with Enhanced Training

This guide provides guidance for companies that need to provide crucial safety training in an efficient and effective manner.
Checkout the Ebook

Arcoro’s Learning Management System simplifies delivery of required construction training, as well as customized training for your workforce.

  • Deploy OSHA-10 or OSHA-30 certification training on the job
  • Upload custom training content like videos, presentations, quizzes and more
  • Access the system from any computer or mobile device to work from a distance when necessary
  • Centralize certifications for streamlined tracking and reporting.


Save with Time and Attendance Tracking

Another area where technology can help construction companies save time and money is time and attendance tracking. Arcoro’s ExakTime product is a feature-rich, easy-to-use time and attendance software and mobile app that simplifies accurate payroll processing, tracks labor more efficiently and supports compliance reporting needs.

ExakTime allows companies to get back all of the time wasted collecting and processing paper time-cards. It also saves companies money by eliminating time-card fraud and buddy punching.

Streamline HR compliance

The construction industry requires annual reporting to regulatory boards like the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). Arcoro helps construction leaders and HR teams store data and access reporting with ease, making HR compliance easier during hiring, onboarding and throughout the year.

Federal contractors can track, manage and report on Good Faith Recruiting efforts, certifications and federal forms with Arcoro’s modular HR software.

With the Arcoro end-to-end construction HR solution you can:

  • Maintain Affirmative Action Plan compliance within the Applicant Tracking System
  • Store employee files securely with password protected access and user-based permissions
  • Review certifications and receive renewal alerts to ensure your team is up to date with required licensing
“We do project analysis meetings every month for every project. We found that the reporting out of Arcoro is perfect for that.”
Teresa BlamiresController, Current Builders

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