Better HR

Arcoro’s Core HR is a modular people management system that greatly enhances organizational effectiveness through process efficiency and employee self-serve technology. It promotes transparency and improves employee engagement resulting in higher productivity, lower employee turnover and improved business results.

Core HR also facilitates the safe and efficient storage of employee data, minimizing risk and compliance issues that can be a burden on the organization. Arcoro’s Core HR can help you take care of ACA reporting and filing, easing your benefits administration and much more.

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HR managers who aren’t fully automated say they lose an average of 14 hours a week manually completing tasks.

– CareerBuilder

Delivering Value to Your Business

Drive Engagement & Trust with Employee Self-Service Tools

Create a personalized portal for employees to give them access to their pay information, PTO requests and balance, employer handbook, and more. With this access, employees are able to ensure their personal data is up to date. A transparent work culture improves employee retention.

Eliminate Daily Paperwork and Redundant Data Entry

Administrators can customize workflows to support their unique HR processes. With new automations running, HR leaders can focus on strategic initiatives and people instead of data entry. Businesses save time, decrease costs and reduce their environmental footprint with cloud-based solutions.

Data Integration = Improved Reporting & System Interoperability

Arcoro Core HR can integrate with systems for enterprise resource planning (ERPs), project management, payroll, benefits carriers and more. With our integrations, fields in one system are mapped to fields of another system to transfer relevant information accurately and securely.

“Core HR is our one-stop shop for employee information. I can access everything about our employees directly from the system,”

Jenna Henderson, Vice President of Human Resources and EEO Officer, Superior Bowen

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Manager Benefits

Simplified Workflow Management

Use automated workflows to simplify onboarding and other HR tasks that include multiple stakeholders, with automatic trigger points and EZSign on documents. Create your own company-specific workflows such as offboarding, compensation increase, employee engagement survey, etc.

Customized Online Surveys

Assess employee satisfaction with customized online surveys. Collect and analyze responses for improved relationships and worker retention.

Employee Benefits

Employee Self-Management

Employees can log in anytime to submit expense reports, view benefits statements and paystubs, and more.

Easy Time Off Tracking

Easily submit PTO requests and view time off accruals.

Additional Integrated Products

To keep HR processes as streamlined as possible, you need to ensure your data is consistent across multiple systems. With Arcoro’s Core HR, administrators can keep their operations running smoothly by creating automated workflows to connect employee information.

In addition to allowing for better ACA reporting, Core HR connects to Arcoro’s Benefits Management and Time and Attendance modules. Create a single system of record for employee data to eliminate duplicate entry, and create one source of data to clarify information for your data-driven decisions.

40% of HR leaders say cloud-based core HR improves the employee experience.

— PwC, 2020 HR Tech Report

HR Compliance

Focus on performance, not paperwork.

Our Core HR software module enables on-the-spot EEOC compliance, and provides access to other essential compliance forms such as OSHA’s Form 300 and the Vets-4212 Report.

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