The Bridge to Better HR

As a high-risk, high-compliance business, your HR operations demand efficiency. We have your HR challenges covered.

Organized and simplified.

Gather key employee and human resources data in one accessible, cloud-based space, with privileged access for both management and employees.

Our comprehensive Core HR module keeps central HR recordkeeping and essential compliance documents in order—laying a solid foundation for orderly HR operations, from benefits management to time tracking and payroll.

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"Arcoro’s reporting is essential, as it lets us run labor reports for our project managers so they can put a stop to overtime hours, or move workers around as needed."

Teresa Blamires, Controller - Current Builders (Time & Attendance Module)

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How You Benefit

Post-Hire Onboarding

Welcome employees warmly on Day One with an optional Welcome Page, and get them started in electing benefits.

Employee Self-Management

Employees can log in anytime to request PTO and sick leave, submit expense reports, view benefits statements and paystubs, and more.

Easy Time Off Tracking

Easily approve or deny PTO requests, view ‘Time Off’ accruals.

Simplified Workflows

Use automated workflows to simplify onboarding and other HR tasks that include multiple stakeholders, with automatic trigger points and EZSign on documents.

Better Accounting

Employees can enter their business expenses via the employee portal. HR staff can then categorize and monitor them easily with detailed tracking and reporting.


Assess employee satisfaction with customized online surveys. Collect and analyze responses for improved relationships and worker retention.

HR Compliance

Focus on performance, not paperwork.

Our HR software module enables on-the-spot EEOC compliance, and provides access to other essential compliance forms such as OSHA’s Form 300 and the Vets-4212 Report.

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Build, support and strategically develop your high-performing team.