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Compensation Planning

Tactical compensation management requires more than a spreadsheet.

Our cutting-edge Compensation software module allows you to assess the potential impact of pay changes to your budget while identifying potential compliance issues. Automation tools allow you to easily review patterns in the market and streamline compensation decisions across your organization.

How You Benefit

Budgets and Compensation

Review helpful reporting that shows department budgets, compensation volume by department and other useful compensation decision information.

Automated Compensation Tools

Import your salary structure and create merit models that will calculate automatically based on criteria such as performance thresholds or salary ranges. Easily collect raise and bonus approvals through our compensation software.

Merit Pay Modeling

Look before you leap. Gauge the financial impact of performance pay or merit pay using departmental budget modeling. Review analytics to identify high performers and flight risks.

Equal Pay Safeguards

Identify and troubleshoot equal pay for equal work blind spots with software that brings you external market data and assists with internal salary range benchmarking.

Compensation Compliance

Stay compliant with the Equal Pay Act (EPA), which mandates that male and female employees receive equal pay for equal work. Our compensation management software enables you to cross-reference external market data with internal salary range benchmarks to ensure your pay plan is in agreement with federal law.

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