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Integrate Arcoro’s Core HR with CMiC’s Construction Management for the Most Powerful Solution

Delivering a positive experience from the back office to the field, both Arcoro and CMiC support the construction industry in working more efficiently. And, when you combine Arcoro’s Core HR module with CMiC’s construction management software, you get the advantages of a real-time connection between your people data and your project data.

The Power of Our Partnership

  • A seamless, single source of employee data makes project forecasting and management easier
  • All employee data is stored in one place to ensure precision and prevent double entry
  • An automated integration means all people data is current and accurate; less paperwork, no manual entries or corrections

Find out how we can help you work smarter…and faster. Contact us today to find out how integrating Arcoro with CMiC can help you better manage your construction business.


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