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Your organization’s most important assets are your employees. Staying compliant with state and federal employment laws is crucial to the success of your construction or contracting business.

For serious employment law questions, you can minimize your risk by consulting with an attorney. But legal coverage can be pricey. Whether you choose to hire legal help on a monthly retainer or take on an in-house lawyer, the fees stack up quickly.

Through our trusted partner myHRcounsel, you get peace of mind with access to 24-7, on-demand legal assistance from HR and employment law specialists for your specific state. All Arcoro customers receive access to Ask HR Lite as part of their contract. 

When added to your Arcoro HR management software subscription, myHRcounsel’s additional levels of service provide access to legally backed answers to any HR question at a price that is affordable and predictable. And you get the answers you need in minutes or hours versus days or weeks!

Speak with one of our sales specialists or your Arcoro account manager to find out about special pricing for the Ask HR and Ask HR Pro + Construction packages below.


Arcoro’s software helps busy HR teams with essential workforce tracking for EEOC, OFCCP and other regulatory boards. Our partner myHRcounsel can provide another layer of protection.

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