Better Succession Planning

Retaining and promoting your best employees is critical to the long-term success of your business. When you use the Arcoro Succession Planning module with the Performance Management module, you can identify the core competencies of standout employees. Put them on track to succeed and progress up the ladder of your organization.

With reporting options built-in, you can easily access the information needed for HR compliance.

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“I’m very pleased with Arcoro because of their price, quality of product and exceptional customer care team.”

Pat DeLucca – HR Manager

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How You Benefit

Employee Competencies at a Glance

With comprehensive scorecards, easily view employee performance, identify gaps and pinpoint top performers in your talent pool based on real-time ratings and averages.

9-Box Talent Matrix

Now managers can determine which individuals to promote based on their potential, not just performance. With our 9-box talent matrix, decision makers can see employee ratings on a variety of concrete metrics and forward-thinking attributes.

Actionable Development Plans

Keep employees accountable and get them up to speed with customizable development plans. Feedback and activities can be added along the way to guarantee clarity and results.

Real-Time Activity Tracking

Monitor employee progress and set up automatic course assignments—all through our user-friendly dashboard.

Simplified Talent Search

Need to staff a project or position quickly? With our unique talent slate feature, managers can quickly filter for and discover key performers based on a number of specific skills and attributes to ensure success.