Better Onboarding

An employee’s first impression of your company is critical to set the stage for success and engagement. Arcoro’s easy-to-use onboarding module simplifies your onboarding process and works from home, in the office or in the field.

Arcoro Onboarding is a cloud-based solution for companies to organize and automate the process and “paperwork” required to add a new employee. This makes it easy for the company and the employee to process new hire paperwork efficiently and effectively and improves time to productivity.

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69% of employees say they are likely to stay with a company for at least three years after a
great onboarding experience.

Human Capital Institute

Delivering Value to Your Business

Accelerate Employee Proficiency

Your new hire can immediately start on whatever you hired them for, because all the paperwork has been completed before their day one.

Save Time and Money

Automate manual or paper-based processes to save administrative time and get the employee on the job faster.

Reduce Organizational Risk

Ensure employee data is handled in a consistent and compliant manner. Store all documents on a secure server for easy access and virtual audit reference vs. keeping a paper trail.

Onboard Groups with Kiosk Mode

Use a central workstation or mobile device to onboard groups of new hires or same-day hires without the need to log into the system.

Onboard with Ease

When used alongside the Arcoro Applicant Tracking System (ATS), new hire onboarding forms can be populated with information from your new hire’s application for a smooth onboarding process without the need to re-enter data.

“Arcoro makes onboarding easy for anybody, even if you have no technology skill base.”

Director of Human Resources and EEO Officer Wendy Bradley

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Manager Benefits

Simplify Compliance

Automate I-9 and E-Verify compliance. Easily access reports and records.

Customize Your New Hire Portal

Easily upload documents and other materials, including videos, so new employees have easy access to all the information they need for a positive onboarding experience.

Auto Assign Documents

No need to sort documents, the software will automatically assign policies and forms based on a new hire’s location and job assignment.

Onboard Groups with Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is a fast and convenient way to onboard for group hiring, same-day hires or union workers. Onboarding paperwork can be completed quickly with a tablet kiosk or on-site computer kiosk so new hires can get on-the-job quicker.

Employee Benefits

Easily Accessible New Hire Information

Inspire new employees and get them excited for their new job with a convenient, user-friendly portal that walks them through the entire onboarding process.

Onboarding from Anywhere

With Arcoro, newly hired workers can upload important documents and begin onboarding anytime, even on a mobile device. A comprehensive forms library means employees have access to the forms they need based on working and residence locations.

The Welcome Begins Before Day One

Create welcome videos, messages, landing pages and more to get new employees acclimated to company culture and off on the right foot.

New Hires Can Get Started Without Delay

New hires or same-day hires can complete the onboarding process using a central workstation or mobile device without the need to log into the system.

Organizations with a strong onboarding process can see a productivity boost of more than 70 percent.

— Glassdoor

Onboarding Compliance

Our paperless employee onboarding software helps you reduce the risk of error and supports the compliance process with features like E-Verify integrations, I-9 and W-4 form updates and automated employee handbook signoffs.

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