Better Time and Attendance

Arcoro’s time and attendance module streamlines essential HR functions for construction, specialty contractors and other field-based businesses.

Rely on our feature-rich, easy-to-use time and attendance software and mobile app for accurate payroll, bulletproof recordkeeping, reduced labor costs and compliance reporting needs.

Meet FLSA requirements while controlling payroll overage.

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“Arcoro's time and attendance software syncs with our payroll program, so what used to take us 2.5 days can be done in 2.5 hours. Now payroll is just another step—not a weekly ordeal. ”

Mike Cooper, Owner - Cooper Drywall

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How You Benefit

Desktop or App Tracking

Employees easily enter hours and activities from the field or on their desktops, or supervisors can track whole crews. GPS locations and time stamps are collected inside or outside of cellular range. A small data footprint means no impact on workers’ phone bills.

Compliance on Mobile

Compliance is streamlined by our app, which records and collects important worker responses to screening questions on breaks or injuries on the job and stores it all safely in the cloud.

GPS Location and ID Confirmation

Confirm employees’ locations while on the clock with our GPS geofences and breadcrumbing. You can set the time tracking app to snap a photo at clock-in and eliminate dishonest punches.

Shift and Task Scheduling

Drag and drop to add shifts to the schedule. Attach a task to each shift, and schedule employees in bulk. Workers can also clock into their scheduled shift with ease in the app.

Insightful Reporting

Filter and review key data points and produce 50+ instant reports within our cloud-based software for helpful business insights to inform your job costing, budgeting and productivity.

Seamless Payroll Integration

Once times are received, bulk edits finished and approvals collected for a completed time period, all important payroll data is mapped to your payroll software in a couple of clicks—for swifter, simpler payroll processing than your admin imagined possible.

Wage Compliance

We tackle labor law compliance head on. Our time and attendance software captures accurate time tracking data for direct syncing with your payroll software, so you get FLSA compliance right the first time. Our app collects employee responses about breaks or injuries on the job and signatures on mobile time cards.

All time and compliance data can be easily produced and referenced should wage and hour disputes arise—or in the event of a DOL audit.

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