Better Screening

Screening applicants and employees provides clarity and peace of mind. Arcoro’s drug and background screening services can be used to conduct 5-panel and 10-panel drug screens, DOT Look Alike and DOT Regulated Lab screenings, E-verify, and credit and criminal background history reports.

With integrations to the applicant tracking system (ATS), results populate within the candidate profile so you can review results at-a-glance.

How You Benefit

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Make Better Hiring Decisions

Background and drug screenings provide insight into the candidates you’re interviewing to ensure you’re finding the best possible fit for the role.

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Save Time and Money

Order screenings and review results directly through the ATS. Our software helps you schedule these screenings for candidates, new hires and employees.

Create a Safer Work Environment

Regular screenings provide a less risky work environment for employees on the job site.

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Increase Morale and Productivity

When employees are working unimpaired, they’re less likely to be absent and are able to stay motivated, focused and safe.

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Stay Compliant

E-Verify screening services help ensure your new hires are eligible to work within the United States and helps you remain compliant.

Create a better candidate and employee screening process to stay compliant and make the best decisions for your workforce.

You're In Good Company with Arcoro