Time is a valuable asset and one that most construction companies are continually striving to save. Human resources (HR) is one area where manual processes can really lag a team down. Manual HR processes, like hiring, onboarding, training and inputting employee data to an HRMS can not only take hours of time but are prone to error. 


Adam Huffman, Manager of Implementation for Arcoro, says using HR software in lieu of manual processes can literally give companies back hours. But the system shouldn’t create more work, which can happen when you must manually transfer data from one solution to another. HR software systems should work together for a seamless, hands-off experience. Arcoro’s cloud-based solutions like the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), OnboardingLearning Management System (LMS) and Core HR “talk” to each other so employee data easily flows between each module, no extra work required.  

Adam answers three questions about how Arcoro’s integrations give customers back what they need most, time.   

What is the biggest pain point you’re hearing from customers when it comes to their HR processes? 

“One of the biggest things is efficiency. Customers are always thinking about how they can save themselves time. Customers need a solution that is going to reduce manual work. They’re looking for solutions that allow them to conduct recruitment quicker, process employee information quicker and manage the entire employee lifecycle. Employers don’t want to manually enter people into each of their modules individually and that is what Arcoro solves.”  

How do Arcoro’s integrated modules offer a solution? 

“Our APIs (application programming interfaces) push files from one module to another. By purchasing the right suite of products, we’re able to have somebody whose data was entered into the applicant tracking system get hired and go through full onboarding and then automatically get pushed into Core HR. These are file pushes that require no ongoing customer interaction. 

“Our clients should achieve the same amount of work in considerably less time. That time savings is priceless. That is wholeheartedly the biggest reason why customers are coming to Arcoro. We can implement our modules, replacing a client’s current software systems or even transforming their processes from paper to digital.  

“We’ve had construction companies come to us with 300 employees that were doing everything by paper. Once they switch to Arcoro, they can’t believe how fast and simple the processes become. It’s incredible. We can push an employee through job posting, applicant tracking to onboarding and it happens automatically. There’s no need to do dual entry across multiple systems. There is no passing of papers, all the internal paperwork is digitally filed from employee files to interview notes. 

“Once an employee is hired, and onboarding is complete, the data is transferred to Core HR. From there, employee data can be updated in a variety of ways. We’ve also got a backend tool that pushes employee information from Core HR to Arcoro’s Performance Management and Learning Management Systems. 

“We take the consultant approach with our customers when it comes to how our modules work together. We don’t simply just show customers what our system does, end of story. Our methodology is to become a partner with our customers. We take our solution, listen to what their process is and make the best recommendations based on that collaboration.” 

What additional integrations can Arcoro customers look forward to in 2023? 

“Arcoro already integrates with a number of external construction technology solutions, and the integrations team is working on several more for our products including an integration from Core HR to a leading construction ERP. 

Integrations are about data, but they’re not the only data project we’re working on.  

“We’re also really excited about the advanced analytics we’re offering. Right now, we have advanced analytics for the ATS and learning management. Core HR is the next module to receive advanced analytics and that will be a huge product offering. 

“The reporting with advanced analytics is really robust. This feature makes it easy for customers to use their data to pull reports on productivity and compliance, which will notify you when certifications are due. Users can pull reports for anyone and create dashboards for management.” 

Arcoro’s sales and customer support staff are available to answer any questions about how our HR software can save you time, giving you the experience of a paperless, automatic HR process.

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