Showing a clear and attainable career within construction is an important part of attracting younger people and keeping them engaged in the work and the industry. Younger employees focused on their career path need a lot of feedback. They want to understand how they’re doing and what’s required to get the next level. Without this feedback, younger employees may even be less engaged than they currently are. According to a 2022 Gallup Poll, 54% of Gen Z employees are ambivalent or not engaged at work. Millennials are easily engaged either. Another Gallup report shows only 19% of millennials strongly agree they receive routine feedback at work. And, only 17% report receiving meaningful feedback, the kind that matters because it helps individuals learn, grow and do their jobs better. Managing performance per project, including offering meaningful feedback, can keep engagement high, leading to increased productivity and retention. 

How Performance Management by Project Works 

Performance management by project is similar to an annual or bi-annual performance review, except it is done on a more micro-level. Instead of evaluating a year’s worth of work, performance management by project focuses on performance on a project to project basis. Managers gather feedback from site supervisors and other employees, which can be evaluated by individual or group, about the performance on a project. 

Evaluating performance by project not only helps construction companies provide the feedback younger employees want, it helps track KPIs or key performance indicators that can determine the success of a project. KPIs tied to your workforce, like training, turnover and wasted time, directly point to how productive a jobsite will be, impacting deadlines and budget. 

How to Get Employees to Buy-In to Performance Management by Project 

Performance management by project may be beneficial for cultivating and maintaining younger workers and also to understand how efficiently your company is working, but it does require more work for your managers and employees. Explain to your employees why performance management is important for them and the company. suggests breaking down the “What’s In It For Me?” question for employees. 

  • A more productive jobsite. When employees work better and smarter, work gets done on time, without blowing bids. 
  • Job security. Construction companies that continually work at their most productive can take on more jobs, growing the company and providing job security for employees. 
  • Increased satisfaction. Engagement is boosted when companies push how they’ve beaten a goal thanks to their workers. 
  • Smoother operations. Having a better understanding about operations allows companies to be more realistic when setting future schedules. 
  • Reasonable performance standards. Employees who are evaluated per project have a better understanding about what’s expected of them and can help set fair and realistic performance goals. 
  • Performance-based bonuses. Many construction companies tie earnings to project performance. It’s a simple way to boost productivity and recognize workers at the same time. Plus it shows employees that when the company wins, employees win. 

Explaining the reasons why performance management by project is a good idea is one step, using a performance management system that makes it easy is another. 

Arcoro’s Performance Management Solution 

Arcoro® Performance Management is a cloud-based solution that empowers team members to direct their own career development toward mutually agreed upon goals and competencies, while enabling managers to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the overall team and keep them focused on achieving their goals. By benchmarking, tracking and evaluating employee performance over time, HR teams gain all the insight needed to make informed personnel decisions.  

The Arcoro performance management module allows you to create and manage all types of on-demand review like project based, skills assessment, discipline action form, employee recognition form and so on. You can review employee performance on a project-to-project basis and provide managers with feedback from a project lead’s perspective by an individual, group or both. 

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