Love it or hate it, social media has become critical in HR processes. Human Resources has gained significantly with the boom of social media and it has emerged into HRMS as well.  What does Social HRMS bring to the table?

What is Social HRMS?

A major change has been seen in the field of communication. Social HRMS has brought in a layer of much needed transparency as well. Recruitment has received a major transformation.  Social HRMS has encouraged recruiters to explored unknown avenues for finding candidates. There was a time when job postings were advertised in newspapers. Candidates would send in paper resumes and the recruitment processes were dependent on paper as well.  Recruiting through social media is not only faster, but it can be at a low cost. A larger pool of people can be reached through these platforms and the chances of hiring the right person increases. Since the interaction starts through social platforms, you can be assured the candidate is familiar with the world of social media – which is a must these days.

Social media has empowered employees and given them a voice. Companies are making their presence felt globally. Effective communication plays a major role in bridging the gaps that can be caused by global barriers. However, communication should not be limited to just the managerial level. Through social HRMS, employees have the opportunity to voice their opinions, questions and suggestions. When you empower employees, you increase morale and encourage them to collaborate with each other to produce great results.

Information can be shared in real time. Before the internet and social media, sharing information was not a fast process. Either the information was sent personally to the concerned party or a notification or memo would be placed where people could come and read it. There was a significant time gap between the information being put out and reaching people. Social HRMS is your way to get out good news, and in particular to target the right population via your core HRMS data.

While social HRMS cannot solve all of your open HR issues, if you are not using this means of communication, you are losing a valuable, low-cost method of addressing challenges.