Arcoro Forms Help Ontario Bridge Builder Through Challenges

FACCA Incorporated has built bridges across countless highways and waterways throughout Ontario, Canada, which covers a million square kilometers and is the most populous of the country’s 13 provinces.

By using Arcoro’s time and attendance app to streamline time tracking as well as screen workers for COVID-19, FACCA remains agile and efficient in managing labor—and has adapted quickly to the “new normal”.

A major transportation player

Established as a family business in 1955, FACCA changed hands a few times but always stayed within the family. Initially, they focused on culverts and local jobs. In the early 2000s, FACCA was contracted for a series of overpasses and bridges on Highway 401, Ontario’s major transportation artery. This led to major growth.

Today FACCA’s primary client is the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Their team of around 175 workers now performs heavy civil construction all over Ontario, from their southern base outside of Windsor up to the far northern reaches of the province.


Reduce managerial workload and paperwork in the field
Increase transparency on employee and project hours
Simplify budgeting and bidding with more accurate task breakdown
Maintain safety with consistent reminders of COVID-19 health protocols


Saves up to 12 hours a week with GPS time and attendance tracking
Instant reporting for high-level visibility on labor hours and job progress
More accurate bidding with Arcoro’s custom cost codes
Up to 30 minutes saved daily using mobile health and compliance sign-off

Module Used

Time Tracking
& Scheduling

Digital, accountable and easy

After their growth spurt in the early 2000s, managing employee timecards—or asking a foreperson or super to manually enter hours on timesheets—became too difficult. So in 2008, they turned to Arcoro’s time and attendance solution (then ExakTime). They began using Arcoro’s rugged jobclocks to track time digitally. In 2016, they switched to the mobile app and cloud-based software.

“Arcoro streamlines the whole process of getting the time from the job site to payroll,” said Payroll Administrator Nick Fenos.

This puts much less burden on the supervisor or foreperson to record or track times. “The workers can just punch in, and I can see where they are on the GPS and what time they punched in exactly to the minute,” said Fenos. “This has been great for labor management.”

“Arcoro’s compliance sign-off responses show me whether or not a worker marked off being injured on a specific day. I also send WSIB [workers’ comp agency] the report.”

- Jessica Gardonio, HR Manager

A shift in operations

FACCA was focused on building bridges when COVID-19 swept the globe in March of 2020.

Most projects were shut down while Ontario officials determined whether construction was an essential service. “We didn’t want to endanger our staff or the public,’” said HR Manager Jessica Gardonio, a family member and nearly lifelong FACCA employee. “But these are big, critical infrastructure projects that need to be done within a certain time.”

Once construction was given the go-ahead to proceed normally again, FACCA looked for ways to quickly get every employee back to work while also meeting new COVID-19 mandates from the Government of Ontario.

For example, FACCA workers often drive to faraway job sites together, sometimes as far as 24 hours. Those traveling two or more to a truck were now required to wear masks. The company also tried to ensure that workers were social distancing on the job site, washing hands more, and staying home if they felt sick.

Arcoro’s daily self-screening a “huge help”

Gardonio says the mobile health self-screening form that is offered as part of the time clock app simplified compliance with the new health regulations. “I was able to give them a single form that outlined what they needed to do,” she said. “If they are feeling sick it told them they need to go home. It was a huge help for them to be able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ each day and for us to have that information on file.”

She noted that tradespeople tend to be stoic. “In our industry, people feel like they’ve got to be there to help the crew. Well, we’re in a different time, and we couldn’t have anybody sick on our projects.”

While their needs changed in the fall due to new government mandates, Gardonio emphasized that the Arcoro health form helped them address a serious issue at a very uncertain moment. “It was a great feature that we were able to utilize daily almost from the start of the pandemic.”

Compliance form eases WSIB reporting

Both Gardonio and Fenos lean heavily on the reporting that comes with Arcoro’s time and attendance app.

“I send a report to the higher-ups so they know the hours on a particular job,” Fenos noted. “And I send the Touch Detail Summary report to our project managers to approve the final times based on that.”

Gardonio processes all injury claims with WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Canada’s workers’ comp), and has found Arcoro’s mobile compliance sign-off form for reporting on breaks and injuries to be invaluable.

“Sometimes a worker will tell me, ‘I sprained my ankle at work on X day’ a week or two later,” she said. “I can look back to the Arcoro mobile form responses, and see that the worker did mark off being injured on that day. Or that they said they didn’t hurt themselves at work that day.” She added, “The WSIB relies on that information as well. I send them the report and point out what it says.” Gardonio has been able to use the Arcoro report to settle disputes with employees before anything turns litigious.

The team has also started to implement cost code tracking to better determine how long tasks and subtasks take on their projects, and to bid more accurately. They can easily create custom cost codes job tasks within Arcoro’s cloud software. Employees simply select the appropriate code within the app when they clock in or change tasks.

After the disruption caused by the pandemic, Fenos and Gardonio are thrilled FACCA is again fully functional with Arcoro’s help. And they are poised to carry on with ever-bigger projects—including MTO 2020 – 4020 – Marysville Ferry Dock, which may take as long as two years—with Arcoro by their sides.

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