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Strengthen your suite of management solutions, expand your services beyond payroll—and be the first to meet your clients’ comprehensive HR needs.

Arcoro offers an all-in-one HR software solution for everything that leads up to payroll, and beyond. With advanced integrations to other software and systems, as well as between modules, your clients can easily build on their solution and sync with your payroll software, eliminating redundancies while increasing efficiency.

Streamline data from benefits management, time and attendance, performance management and more to ensure true payroll accuracy.

The Arcoro platform offers:

  • A unified and accessible HR solution for your clients
  • Seamless integration of HR fields such as benefits administration and time and attendance
  • Growth through an all-encompassing workforce management solution




Advanced Integration

Take advantage of fast, efficient connections to seamlessly link HR with your payroll service bureau software.

Modern HR Process

Give your clients the motivation to transform their manual or inefficient processes into a total digital transaction. Remove manual errors and the need for paper documentation with business-critical data streamlined in the cloud.

The Arcoro Value Prop

Integrated & Modular

Integrated & Modular

Provides a proven, integrated and module-driven HR solution that companies build on as they grow

Simpler Workflows

Simpler Workflows

Automates HR workflows to allow more time for higher impact projects

one stop process

One-Stop Access

Promotes streamlined management with easy data access for HR admins and the teams they support

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