Arcoro + Acumatica

Streamline Workforce Processes with Arcoro Core HR and Acumatica

Our approach to integration easily and quickly shares data between systems to save time and ensure accuracy.

Accurate employee data is important to run your business. It impacts everything from your payroll to your job estimates. But if you can’t leverage data across multiple applications you end up making mistakes, re-entering data or having to do rework. That’s why it’s so important that your HR System integrates with your other construction software solutions like Acumatica.

Arcoro’s integration takes advantage of modern data-sharing technologies. Simply connect from Core HR and click a button. Data is automatically shared through a set of web services, allowing you to update data bidirectionally between Core HR and Acumatica.



Data integration has advantages
  • Single source for the data necessary to process payroll for your employees, such as employee tax, demographic data, direct deposit and benefits elections
  • Fewer data entry points reduces data errors and saves time
  • Enhanced accuracy means better compliance for data-driven requirements like EEOC
  • All data is secure and protected
  • Minimal set-up required; integration protocols are established, tested and turnkey


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