Tech pivots faster than any other industry, so workforce expansion and change is inevitable. A powerful HR solution can pave the way for smooth operations, ease of compliance and success.

Deploy new talent fast

Tech evolves fast, so a pipeline of new talent is essential. New workplace models mean engineer and developer talent will be in high demand. Arcoro’s seamless HR management modules take you from job posting to their first day, streamlining the process at every turn.

With the Arcoro solution you can:

  • Post to general and industry-specific job boards with one click
  • Offer candidates a quick mobile apply process that doesn’t require a login
  • Customize and brand your job posting for optics and engagement
  • Utilize pre-screening questions and ensure compliance with hiring regulations

“Arcoro’s streamlines our recruiting, hiring, employee tracking and payroll. It's a smooth process because the modules work really well together.”

Blake Berke - CFO, McGill Restoration

Sharpen safety and security

An increase in remote work calls for strengthened cybersecurity measures, while health and safety protocols must be implemented for on-site work. Our Learning Management System brings you state-of-the-art training automation.

With the Arcoro solution, your admins can:

  • Upload custom training courses using SCORM, AIPP and xAPI
  • Provide team members with the training they need to learn and advance
  • Require quizzes or other completion markers to ensure participation and compliance

Cultivate leadership

Many tech businesses are still carving pathways for employee growth, which is key to a strong and stable future without high churn or burnout. Arcoro’s Performance and Succession Planning software’s framework makes this process headache-free.

With the Arcoro solution you’ll be able to:

  • Automate a schedule of regular performance reviews and growth roadmaps
  • Build in 360-degree project-based reviews, instant feedback and goal-setting
  • Identify top performers and prepare them for the next step in your company