As a professional employee for XYZ corporation, you may be someone who struggles with a work-life balance problem. As this balancing act is a delicate process to figure out, it’s important to remember that your well-being is on the line. Those who are overworked can be affected in a number of ways–it impairs your sleep, gets in the way of good habits and is bad for your heart to name a few.

While there are strategies out there to help you balance work-life priorities, you may want to consider applying for new positions in states that promote a healthier balance between the two. Whether that may be in the Midwest or in Hawaii, you have some really nice states to choose from if moving is a legitimate option for you.

Midwestern States Offer the Best Work-Life Balance

“Midwestern states dominate this list, and you can see those states ruling throughout the top 25 spots, offering their residents the best work-life balance,” says Eric Noe, Editor-in-Chief, Fit Small Business“While there are exceptions in the Top 10 such as Hawaii, Vermont and Massachusetts, the bottom half is mostly occupied by East Coast states, which should not come as much of a surprise to many people.”

To rank each state, Fit Small Business compiled and analyzed data from leading sources including the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census Bureau and Gallup. They based their findings on the following eight categories to create their work-life balance score:

  1. Residents’ assessment of the quality of life, 15 percent
  2. Well-being index, 15 percent
  3. Residents’ economic confidence, 15 percent
  4. Average hours worked per week, 12.5 percent
  5. Average earnings per week, 12.5 percent
  6. Mean commute time to work, 12.5 percent
  7. Cost of living, 10 percent
  8. Residents who feel active and productive, 7.5 percent

The following are the top 10 states with the best work-life balance in the nation, followed by the 10 worst. For the full article and analysis, click here.


Top 10 states for best work-life balance

  1. Minnesota
  2. Hawaii
  3. Colorado
  4. Nebraska
  5. Vermont
  6. North Dakota
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Iowa
  9. Montana
  10. South Dakota

Top 10 states for worst work-life balance

  1. South Carolina
  2. Indiana
  3. Arkansas
  4. Tenessee
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Mississippi
  7. Kentucky
  8. Alabama
  9. Louisana
  10. 50. West Virginia

Now that you know which states have the best work-life balance situations for employees, you can debate if moving to one of them for a healthier life would be in yours and/or your family’s best interest. If you enjoyed this article, check out 7 Effective Tips to Earn Respect Around the Office. Also, check out What American’s are Doing with Their 2018 Tax Returns.