Construction companies are facing an uphill battle when it comes to recruiting. Worker shortages have stymied hiring efforts in the construction industry for years. According to an Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) analysis of US Bureau of Labor statistics for November, the construction industry had 459,000 job openings in November 2023 – rising to the highest level since 2022. Having the best recruiting tools is essential for winning over candidates in such a tight labor market. That means using an applicant tracking system (ATS) that integrates with the top job boards to post open positions easier and faster. 

How an ATS Streamlines Posting Job Openings 

An ATS streamlines recruiting by automating processes that would be tedious and time consuming if done by hand, like posting job openings. When you need to fill a position, a member of your HR team must place a job posting in multiple areas like your website, social and several job boards. If you’re a one- or two-person team, posting one job description can eat up hours in your day. 

An ATS allows recruiters to automatically post open positions to leading national, local and/or niche job boards with just a couple of clicks. Plus, built-in templates can help you craft your job openings as well as your application and candidate emails, saving even more time. And all posts can easily be shared to all your social platforms. A great ATS will also allow you to create branded career pages that can be seamlessly integrated into your website’s career page. 

Arcoro’s ATS has all the above features and more. It allows you to post job openings to both free and paid job boards to help reach a wider audience. To make the process even more seamless, Arcoro also has an integration with Indeed, the nation’s top free job board. 

How the Arcoro/Indeed Integration Streamlines Job Posting 

Being able to sync with Indeed allows Arcoro users to automate the transfer of job, application, candidate and disposition data between both systems. Using the Arcoro ATS, users can share their available jobs with Indeed automatically. Candidates apply within Indeed and you receive completed applications in your ATS. 

Arcoro’s ATS Does So Much More 

Besides posting jobs, Arcoro’s ATS manages candidates, builds talent pools, helps maintain compliance and provides a better candidate experience. 

Manage Applicants 

Arcoro’s ATS also makes it easy to manage your applicants. With Arcoro’s ATS, recruiters can auto disposition, score, screen and stack rank candidates so the best choices are put right in front of managers for easy approval. Hiring managers also have access to pre-employment results to background, drug screening and assessments. Once you choose your top candidates, built-in templates let you send configurable offer letters, helping to reduce your time to hire so your favorite candidates aren’t left hanging. 

Build Talent Pools 

Arcoro’s ATS keeps records of all applicants, allowing you to start building talent pools with candidates who showed an interest in your company but weren’t selected at the time. Using talent pools can reduce both your time to hire and cost to hire. Storing applicant information in your ATS allows you to build a database of quality talent that you can tap into when you have an opening.   

Help Maintain Compliance 

For contractors who work with the federal government, Arcoro ATS has built-in compliance features that are a must-have. The ATS will automatically add EEO taglines to job postings and save all applications. Reporting features, like Affirmative Action Reports and VEVRAA/Section 503 reporting, let you pull up years of applications with a click of a button should an auditor ever show up at your door. 

Offer a Better Candidate Experience 

Arcoro’s ATS has features that make it a joy for candidates to use, which can draw more applicants to your positions. The ATS doesn’t require applicants to log in so there are no hoops to jump through. Applicants can apply in minutes from any device and e-sign offer letters from their phones.  

The challenges of finding and keeping a skilled workforce aren’t going away anytime soon. You need tools and techniques that can make finding great employees easier and faster. Arcoro’s ATS with integrations to Indeed and other job boards is a great tool to have in your hiring arsenal.  

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