Compliance is essential to helping advance your business’ culture and work environment, but if you’d like to prevent going against OFCCP regulations due to file manipulation, loss or accuracy, consider moving toward an easier, more secure way of filing and recalling compliance documentation. We’ve helped hundreds of federal contracting companies that require a secure, easy-to-use, paper-free recruiting and onboarding system to remain compliant. Here are four reasons why your business should be transitioning into a paper-free compliance system:

  • Efficiency. Increase efficiency and eliminate the amount of time your business is wasting by retrieving physical copies. Increasing the productivity is as easy as implementing a paperless system to avoid time spent searching for documentation in storage. The average employee spends 30 to 40 percent of his/her time searching for information kept in filing cabinets.
  • Accuracy. Mistakes are easier to make without a proof-reading system and, often, portions of documentation is overlooked and incomplete. Incorporating an automated filing system will ensure that employee and company information is accurate and complete.
  • Security. Paper often slips through the cracks and is more susceptible to manipulation, as files are often left on desks or in cabinets for others to access freely. To prevent any manipulation, encourage an automated, paperless system so that new-hires and employees can securely and privately submit compliance information. Additionally, setting permission controls for authorized-only personnel to access confidential documents will aid in preventing unauthorized use.
  • Sustainability. The average worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. Being a sustainable company means reducing the amount of paper waste your business creates to save millions of trees and conserving your budget by avoiding costly printing and paper prices.

Filing and recalling hard-copy compliance forms and/or employee information can be time-consuming and meticulous, but doesn’t have to be this way. BirdDogHR offers a simplified and easy-to-use ATS system and Onboarding software to help your business stay up-to-date with OFCCP regulations.