Accidents happen, which is why construction safety and compliance is an important topic and the right solution helps construction safety be an ongoing one.

There’s no denying that construction can be a potentially dangerous job. Between hazardous energy sources, heavy machinery, scaffolding, ladders and hand tools, there are multiple opportunities for serious accidents to occur that lead to injuries and even deaths.


Falls are one of the deadliest types of construction accidents. In 2020, there were 351 fatal falls out of 1,008 construction fatalities. These accidents are preventable, which is why OSHA has launched its fall prevention campaign. What’s more, it will soon start enforcing programs directed at preventing falls, according to Bloomberg Law. If your training isn’t adequately covering these topics not only could you be putting your entire crew at risk, but you could pay penalties for noncompliance with OSHA’s fall standards and every other enforceable safety violation. In the last quarter of 2021, OSHA fined one company more than $1 million for safety violations and others in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

The solution to having a safe, compliant worksite is to offer employees a comprehensive training program that’s easily accessible and to have better safety and compliance oversight in the field. 

Invest in a Great Training Solution for Construction Safety 

Training construction employees in the field is no easy task. Gathering them together for training can be a logistical nightmare. Plus, the training content isn’t always engaging, reducing participation. Or you can’t prove everyone took the courses required. A learning management system or LMS helps construction safety by offering accessible and engagement training. 

Arcoro’s LMS gives construction companies needed flexibility when it comes to workplace training and maintaining construction HR compliance. An LMS is used to both house and deliver training, and it can work on a computer, kiosk or mobile device. Employees can complete required training and update certifications from their mobile devices or computers 24/7, and the LMS records completion and any certifications. For OSHA safety requirements specifically, companies can pair their LMS with approved training developed by industry experts, such as ClickSafety. These courses are already OSHA-approved and are automatically updated. Plus, they are available in multiple languages to ensure workers receive the most impactful training. 

But if supervisors, foremen and safety personnel don’t have easy access to this training and certification information in the field, ensuring you have the right people doing the right job can be challenging.  

That’s where Arcoro’s new partnership with AnchoRock comes into play.   

Arcoro’s Partner AnchoRock Takes Safety Training, Oversight and Compliance to the Next Level 

With Arcoro’s new integration partner, AnchoRock, a premier field-first safety software, safety oversight and compliance is just easier. AnchoRock’s solution manages the delivery of an in-the-field safety program by providing your foremen, supervisors and safety pros with compliance tools and data in an easy-to-use app. Pair the AnchoRock safety and compliance management solution with Arcoro’s LMS and you can be sure all the training and certification information you need is at right at your fingertips, just when you need it.

Arcoro and AnchoRock benefits include: 

  • One platform to manage all aspects of a construction safety program including an easy-to-use app 
  • Field staff can quickly and efficiently create, submit and track OSHA-mandated safety processes 
  • Managers, safety teams and office staff have instant access to all safety data for reporting and recordkeeping 
  • The integration with Arcoro’s LMS means real-time access to completed OSHA training and certifications 

Put our new partnership to work for your construction company. Get more information in this datasheet.

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