Technology is changing the way companies do business. In the past, many processes had to be done by hand with pen and paper, making them tedious and prone to error. Now, technology is available that automates even the most time-consuming processes, including HR, and more and more businesses are getting on board with automation. 


According to WTW’s Dynamics of Work Survey, the number of US companies that automate some of their work is expected to climb to 74% in three years, up from 65% in 2023 and 51% three years ago. Additionally, those companies expect 27% of their work to be automated in three years, nearly double from three years ago. Automation is gaining in popularity because it gives companies the ability to grow, without having to hire additional staff. 

What is HR Automation? 

There are several types of automation, but HR automation in particular essentially uses software to digitize and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, including employee onboarding administration, payroll, timekeeping and benefits administration. It improves efficiency and security while reducing the potential for human error. Because of the time savings received, companies can become more strategic and agile. 

Being agile in business is like having superpowers. HR automation allows companies to adapt quickly to market changes, responding rapidly to customer demands. Agile companies are flexible and able to adapt and lead change in a productive and cost-effective way. And 97% of companies say HR technology plays a key role in enabling that agility. Without HR technology, construction companies can’t effectively grow.  

Real World Example 

Conductix Wampfler, the largest global producer of systems and equipment used for transferring energy and data, was growing at a tremendous rate – adding production facilities and employees – quickly outpacing the existing office’s workload. The problem was the HR department needed to remain lean, and with essential staff retiring, it needed to automate. The company implemented HR software solutions to help manage its most tedious processes, choosing Arcoro’s Core HR and Benefits Management. 

Core HR 

Arcoro’s Core HR streamlines HR processes while providing employees with self-serve technology. The employee portal gives workers access to their pay information, PTO requests and balance, employer handbook and more, 24/7. It also can create custom workflows that support HR processes, so everyone can get their work done faster. In Conductix Wampfler’s experience, once employees become familiar with the system, they’ll appreciate the efficiency it provides.  

Core HR can also streamline annual processes, like raises and benefits enrollment. 

Benefits Management 

Arcoro’s Benefits Management module streamlines the annual benefits process, making it both easy and transparent. It simplifies critical workflows, improves reporting and increases employee engagement during open enrollment and throughout the year. The Benefits Management module eliminates data entry and manual paperwork, ensures accuracy with compliance features and enhances the employee experience. 

Conductix Wampfler says it was able to eliminate filling out paperwork for each vendor, saving hours of time for both the employees and HR. The company also added the Affordable Care Act (ACA) module, which takes care of reporting and filing, easing benefits administration while ensuring companies stay compliant with state and federal regulations.  

Automating HR processes is easy with a trusted partner like Arcoro. We’ll work with you to determine what the best solutions are for your particular HR issues. We can suggest one or multiple modules that will scale with your company’s growth.  

Don’t wait to automate. Implementing HR technology today can better help you prepare for tomorrow. Conductix Wampfler notes that after implementing Arcoro’s solutions, the HR team had the freedom to not only think strategically but talk to employees, which is the part of the job that most HR professionals love most. 

Get the full story by downloading the Conductix Wampfler Case Study.