Realizing the value of workforce data insights for operational success 

Data is king. It’s likely your most important business asset. Data, more importantly high-quality data, drives essential business decisions from marketing and customer satisfaction to cost savings and increased revenue. But data by itself can’t do much good if it isn’t interpreted and used effectively. 

Data analytics tools take your raw data and turn it into something that actually makes sense. Advanced data analytics tools look for hidden patterns and trends in your data that you can use to make critical business decisions. By gathering, sorting, analyzing and presenting information in a usable way, companies can make more strategic business decisions, which can lead to increased efficiency and in turn, profitability. That’s why Arcoro designed and offers a data analytics option. 


How Arcoro Provides Data Analytics 

Arcoro customers have access to lots of workforce data along with reporting tools to realize its value. Along with standard reports, Arcoro and ExakTime customers have enjoyed the ability to pull reports on the data collected by our software, like applications received, certifications achieved and labor hours logged per job site. For customers that want or need more specific information,  Arcoro developed advanced analytics for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Learning Management System and ExakTime time tracking modules with additional development underway on other modules 

While many users need the very targeted date derived from a reporting feature, for others it’s more about the high-level snapshot. This may include business leaders that effectively want the “executive summary.”  

That’s where dashboards come in. They aggregate the data into easy-to-read visual deliverables that offer high-level insights with the ability to still drill down for more specifics. Dashboards help users spot trends quickly and translate raw data into actionable information.  

Adding Advanced Analytics Dashboards for More Value from Data 

Arcoro recently launched dashboards as an enhancement to its Advanced Analytics product. Users have access to pre-built dashboards with the ability to customize and build their own. More pre-built dashboards will be added over time, and additional modules are targeted to be added to the Advanced Analytics offering providing customers with deeper functionality related to their HR and workforce data.  

Go Further with Advanced Analytics 

Your data is your most precious resource, and you can get more out of it with Advanced Analytics. Easy-to-use dashboards and reports will transform your stored information into high-quality data that will allow you to make informed business decisions, identify new growth opportunities and beat out the competition. 

Arcoro’s Advanced Analytics package includes standard and customizable reports and dashboards. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get more value from your HR and workforce data, contact an Arcoro salesperson or your account manager to see how to add it and learn more about how it will change how you use your data. 

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