Easy-to-Use Talent Management Software Adds Flexibility and Additional Strategic Insight to the Performance Review Process

When it comes to HR, there are limitations to manual processes

The HR department at Heating & Plumbing Engineers (HPE) has many strategic and tactical goals to accomplish with its dynamic and growing workforce. Unfortunately they have spent too much time on the manual HR processes and now they’re being held back by a lack of flexibility. Through their manual processes, reviews can only be done annually and cannot easily be customized for certain competencies. Furthermore, most automated software isn’t designed to accommodate their unique reporting needs as a contracting company, and relevant compliance data is hard to come by with a time-consuming, manual process. Reanna Werner, Talent Development Manager at HPE, recognized that there had to be a way to automate and streamline their performance management data to better reach their company goals.

Every company faces unique challenges and Arcoro has solutions

Because of its straightforward feature set, Arcoro is easy to configure to client’s specific HR needs.

“We struggled with the fact that some of our field professionals didn’t have email addresses,” Werner says, “So we worked out a solution within process implementation.” Because of Arcoro’s configurability, HPE will also be able to use the software to accommodate frequent changes as their field professionals are a mobile workforce often changing positions. All of this configurability means that HPE can spend less time learning how to administer the software and more time focusing on their employees.

HPE faced several challenges with manual processing but after implementation, “We will be able to do reviews more frequently thanks to the automated review distribution,” Werner says. The Arcoro Performance Management and Succession modules will provide HPE employees with true accountability as they will be able to stay more aware of how they are tracking against their goals and their own career development. In addition, HPE managers will be able to better understand their teams’ strengths and weaknesses so that they can more often, and more easily, improve on workforce development.


  • Struggling with time consuming manual processes for annual reviews
  • Lacks ability to customize reviews for core competencies
  • Unable to compile review data to analyze the whole organization

Key Selection Drivers

  • Intuitive feature set and user interface will facilitate easy adoption
  • Fluid online process enables data gathering
  • Centralized and automated process will facilitate performance analysis at an employee, department and organizational level

Modules Used

Performance Management System

Succession Planning

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