There’s a lot more to selling than just pushing a product, finalizing the sale and moving on. It’s 2018, the game is ever-changing. If you want to continue to compete and be successful with other ERP salespeople—you must be able to adapt to the latest trends as they can change significantly if you are not paying attention. With that said, the benefits of combining your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products with Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions has no bounds regarding how much money you can make and how you can substantially impact the lives of your clients. Here’s why combining HCM with ERP software is a no-brainer.

The HCM Market is Thriving

A report provided by PR Newswire outlines some significant stats that should excite you about the prospect of adding an HCM solution to your toolbox as you continue to sell ERP products to your clients:

  • The HCM market size is expected to grow from USD 14.50 billion in 2017 to USD 22.51 billion by 2022, at an estimated Compound
  • Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.2%. The HCM market is driven by factors, such as the increased adoption of mobile devices and the increasing demand for talent mobility in the organizations
  • The Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) segment for HCM is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period
  • The SMEs segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR in the HCM market during the forecast period. The increased competitive market scenario has prompted the SMEs to invest in this business software and adopt the go-to-market strategies, to make effective decisions for their business growth

Why You Should Sell an HCM Solution with your ERP Products

HCM and ERP data often overlap. Yet many companies’ HR, finance, and other mission-critical groups still maintain disparate records, often because no one has educated them about the benefits of streamlining the data. Thus, many organizations continue to operate in chaos, duplication, and inaccuracy. The need to combine systems is apparent and it is becoming more imperative as HR teams find themselves integral to the ERP process.

That’s because many businesses now view HR as a strategic change agent, rather than just a group that oversees hiring and firing, payroll and benefits. Human capital, and the infrastructure required to support these people account for almost 80 percent of businesses’ spending. As such, HR personnel have grown more important than ever in helping with company-wide decision-making and the trend will not go backward.

Channel partners can, and should, show prospects and existing customers how integrating HCM into the ERP program addresses these issues. Certainly, companies cannot continue to operate in silos that stymie communication and progress. Instead, show clients how using ERP with HCM facilitates the sharing of critical everyday processes such as payroll and growth forecasts. Demonstrate how this improves communication, gets rid of multiple instances of data entry, and speeds up the hire-to-fire process; all the while, the partner’s monthly recurring revenue increases. Pairing ERP with HCM is a no-brainer, both for channel partners and end

Why You Should Partner with Arcoro for Your HCM and ERP Needs

Arcoro has a reputable, future-proof HCM platform that stands out in a number of ways:

  1. It integrates with well-known ERP names such as; Acumatica, Netsuite, Sage and more
  2. It allows only authorized users to access sensitive worker information
  3. It comes with top-notch support
  4. It features an intuitive cloud-based interface
  5. It updates modules and functionality all in one system, leaving client workflows uninterrupted
  6. It saves end users money

Arcoro, the flagship product at Infinity Software Solutions Inc., hits each of those points. Channel partners targeting SMBs and enterprises in almost every vertical–and particularly entities with 100-2,000 employees–will want to learn more about the platform. Here’s how Arcoro stands out from the competition:

Unmatched Capability

Partners selling Acumatica, NetSuite, and Sage 100 and 300 have a built-in HCM choice in Arcoro: the SaaS platform holds certified integration credentials to Acumatica and NetSuite. To that point, Arcoro is the only HCM in the world to boast integration with Acumatica. Partners’ opportunities for ERPHCM sales will expand as Arcoro continues to grow the list of integrations.


  • In the era of hacking and spying, companies naturally will be concerned with protecting employees’ privacy. Arcoro ensures system and data security via: SOC 2 certification
  • HIPAA-compliance
  • Experienced, trained network and security engineers who monitor and support infrastructure
  • Around-the-clock monitoring and intrusion detection
  • Technologies to counter emerging security threats
  • Online infrastructure redundancy
  • Disaster recovery plans in line with industry-standard best practices


Infinity Software Solutions handles this process and its integration with Acumatica provides a prime example of how simple this works. Company-and employee-level fields populate directly from that ERP into Arcoro. Then, data are pushed in real-time back to Acumatica, updating new hires, changes in demographics, terminations and the like. Infinity Software Solutions also builds the electronic data interchange (EDI) files to insurance carriers for employee benefits if the client needs. How it works—once integration is complete, users will see two windows on their monitors—one for Arcoro and the other for the ERP platform. The data will be consistent and current in both applications. When Arcoro receives updates, those changes roll out seamlessly to end users.