Let’s face it, while many employees may be able to work from home, there are just as many workers that have to be onsite to get the job done. Your construction, manufacturing and healthcare workers need more than a laptop or mobile phone to be successful; they need specific equipment, products and access to people. Using a specialized onboarding process, like one that allows you to onboard multiple workers directly from the job site or any remote location, gives these employees the best possible start in their new positions without cutting any corners. That’s why Arcoro is proud to offer our onboarding Kiosk Mode.

Employee Engagement From Day One

Engaged employees are directly tied to your company’s success. According to Gallup, companies with high employee engagement experience better customer engagement, greater productivity, better retention and are more profitable. A streamlined onboarding program helps ensure that your employees are engaged from day one and sometimes even before day one.

Arcoro Onboarding is a cloud-based solution that organizes and automates the onboarding process and paperwork required when your company hires a new employee. It provides new employees access to begin the onboarding process at home by filling in their information, completing paperwork and uploading any required documents. On their first day, new employees spend more time learning about your company culture and their responsibilities and less time filling out paperwork. Because the system is automated, you never have to worry about wasting time or being compliant. Kiosk Mode takes this automated process a step further by providing the same efficient online experience to those employees without access to computers or mobile devices.

kiosk mode onboarding software

How Kiosk Mode Works

Arcoro’s Onboarding Kiosk Mode puts our automated onboarding process in one centralized location that every employee can access like a computer kiosk or tablet kiosk. Instead of emailing a link for new hires to start the onboarding process at home, Kiosk Mode allows new hires to onboard directly from the job site. Aside from using a central workstation or mobile device to onboard groups of new hires, there is no login required. Your employees don’t even need an email address to get started.

Traditionally when a candidate is hired the onboarding process includes:

  • creating a new employee file
  • emailing the new hire
  • asking the new employee to create credentials to log in to your system.

This traditional process can create problems for some employees. For example, your new hires may not have email, a mobile device or simply don’t have the time to complete the process online before the job begins. With Kiosk Mode, the entire process is simplified. Managers start the onboarding process by using a template to create employee files with auto-populating fields, then hands the digital paperwork over to the employees to enter their own information. Our system combined with your mobile device’s guided access feature allows you to lock in the user to the onboarding software. This way other applications or sensitive information cannot be accessed. The system has guided access so you control what and where your employees enter their data. It also has lock-in access so the information is automatically saved. By providing a simplified method for new hires to begin their paperwork, the hiring process is shortened while hiring managers enjoy a simplified workflow.

kiosk mode onboarding software

Kiosk Mode Reduces Employer Set Up Time

Sometimes a company needs to hire many employees at once, like for seasonal work or ramping up for the busy season, and all of these employees will need to be onboarded. Using traditional methods, this process can be time-consuming. Kiosk Mode can onboard all your employees, no matter if you just hired two or 20. Kiosk Mode is ideal for group hiring, same-day hires or union workers. Onboarding paperwork can be completed quickly with an iPad kiosk or onsite computer kiosk so new hires can get on-the-job faster.

Kiosk Mode is Easy for Employees

An easy, efficient onboarding process makes a great first impression, helping to ensure your employees are engaged from day one. With Kiosk Mode, onboarding is as easy as it gets. No logins, no emails and no smart devices required. All your employees need to do is show up to work. Kiosk Mode allows them to start their onboarding from a centralized tablet kiosk or computer kiosk located on the job site. New hires can even complete their onboarding paperwork before creating their Arcoro user profile.

Kiosk Mode Offers All the Same Benefits as Regular Onboarding

Just because Kiosk Mode is fast, easy and efficient doesn’t mean it skimps on accuracy and compliance. Of course, it is 100% paperless but it also includes:

  • Automatic I-9 and E-Verify compliance
  • Dynamic Forms Library, including federal W-4 and state tax forms
  • E-Signatures on forms
  • ATS and payroll system integration
  • Customizable forms, fields and policies
  • Customizable new hire portal, including the ability to upload videos and important documents
  • Custom email notifications
  • Dynamic workflows based on new hire attributes such as location, business unit and so on

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Adding kiosk software to your onboarding ensures all your employees—not just those with access to a computer or mobile device—are quickly and easily onboarded to your company. Schedule a demo to see how it can revolutionize the onboarding of your next group of hires.