AI or Artificial Intelligence is changing the world of HR recruiting. It is the next step from using the Internet to find candidates because it not only makes recruiting more efficient but it improves the candidate experience.

Estimates put the cost to find and hire an employee as high as $250,000 depending on the position. That cost can quickly soar if the employee ends up not working out. An AI recruiter can cut the cost by taking over some of the tasks on a recruiter’s already full plate.

Consider this real-world example of how an AI assistant simplified the delivery of candidates to hiring managers.

Regis Corporation, the largest salon business in the United States with more than 8,000 owned or franchised locations, recruited a high volume of candidates without one recruiter. It used Olivia, an AI assistant, to target its passive job seekers without losing the candidate experience. Instead of driving candidates to a career page, Olivia drove passive candidates to either a landing page or directly to her. She was then able to guide them along the process with a series of customizable questions that not only captured candidate information but screened candidates as well, directing them to the best location and right application process. With Olivia, the Regis Corporation was able to reach out to candidates within 24 hours, making huge improvements in recruiting results. The company reduced hiring time by 86% with a 100% automated, digital recruiting process.

An AI assistant delivers resumes directly to you, engages with candidates, passively recruits, screens, schedules phone interviews and even follows-up with reminders.


5 Benefits of AI Recruiting Software

The tools in an AI assistant’s arsenal are many.

1. Chat with candidates over a variety of user-friendly platforms

An AI assistant has the ability to interact with candidates through text, webchats on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, and landing pages, increasing the probability of a response. Text messages alone have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email or Facebook. Plus, the best AI assistants are equipped with NLP, or Natural Language Processing, so they interact in a real, conversational way.

2. Capturing and storing candidate information

 An AI assistant automatically collects candidate information and stores in your HRM software. Not only is time saved by automated uploading of name, email, phone and positions of interest, but that information remains saved and accessible with future positions open.

3. Screening potential candidates

 AI assistants intelligently screen candidates based on a customizable set of questions with learned responses. For example, if the position requires the candidate to live in a certain location or have a certain degree, an AI assistant can either fast-track or eliminate those candidates, saving a recruiter precious time.

4. Schedule interviews

  • Scheduling interviews. It takes an average of 52 days to fill a position and a good chunk of that time is spent scheduling and rescheduling interviews. An AI assistant solves the problem by reviewing thousands of calendars in seconds. And automated reminders improve show rates so all that time spent isn’t wasted.

5. Care for candidates

  • Candidate care. Installing an AI assistant doesn’t make the experience artificial. In fact, an AI assistant helps improve the candidate experience with quick, knowledgeable interactions. An AI assistant can answer thousands of questions with a personalized touch, 24/7.

Whether you are a start-up without the budget for a full-time recruiter or a bigger company that needs its recruiter to focus on candidates, AI recruiting software is the solution. 

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