The 47th annual World of Concrete event welcomed close to 37,000 registered attendees at the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 17-20, 2022. The event offered those who attended education and entertainment opportunities, as well as the opportunity to visit with 1,100 exhibitors. These exhibitors, including Arcoro and ExakTime, were industry-leading suppliers that offer the construction and field services industries a variety of applications. 

If you missed the 47th annual World of Concrete event or didn’t stop by our booth, you missed Arcoro’s Fireside Chats held in the mornings with coffee and donuts and in the afternoons with beer and pretzels. During these chats, Arcoro and some of our partners discussed how our products integrate to provide a complete HR, payroll and workforce management solution. 

Bridging the Gap Between HR and the Field 

Finding a comprehensive HR solution was one problem that attendees continually asked our Arcoro team about during the expo. There is currently a huge need in the construction and field service industries to connect what’s happening in the office to what’s happening in the field; many HR processes must occur in both, like recruiting and benefits management happens in the office, but time tracking and training occurs in the field. More customers are looking for solutions that can bridge this gap between managing employees from the office and the field. 

Arcoro’s HR solutions are the answer. Being cloud-based, our HR solutions work anywhere, whether it is from an office laptop or a mobile phone in the field. These solutions include our hiring package, made up of our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Onboarding, performance and learning management, as well as core HR and time tracking 

For example, Arcoro’s ATS helps automate applicant tracking, resume ranking, pre-screening, background checks and drug screening, saving recruiters a ton of time. Qualified candidate applications can be sent directly to your managers on the job site for a quick sign off. Onboarding works the same way. Because our onboarding software is cloud-based, it can be accessed by new hires before day one, so time-consuming paperwork is completed from home. The first day on the job can instead be devoted to meeting coworkers and starting work.  

Arcoro’s other talent management tools can also be accessed from a mobile device. Performance management goals can be reviewed from the field and mandatory training sessions can be completed from the job site. And, of course, ExakTime’s mobile time tracking app was made for field services workers.   

ExakTime’s mobile time clock app allows workers to clock in and out from their mobile devices. Photo biometrics eliminate buddy punching and GPS and geofencing make sure employees clock in where they’re supposed to. But what makes ExakTime’s time clock app so coveted in the field is that it automatically sends time tracking data to more than 40 payroll solutions, saving time and eliminating manual data entry errors. 

Can’t Wait for World of Concrete 2023? 

We’re already thinking about how we plan on improving the World of Concrete experience for the 48th annual attendees. But you don’t have to wait to talk to us about our cloud-based, mobile HR solutions. 

Our Resource Center page has lots of downloadable content that provides valuable information about the benefits HR software can provide to field services workers.  

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