Accurate employee data is important to run any construction or contracting business. It impacts everything from payroll to job estimates. But if a company can’t leverage data across multiple applications they can end up making mistakes, re-entering data or having to do rework. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of Sage 300 integrated HR software, like Arcoro’s HR solutions. 

The Arcoro and Sage Partnership 

Both Arcoro and Sage are part of the construction tech ecosystem and are longstanding partners. Arcoro is the leading comprehensive cloud-based HR management software provider for the construction industry and Sage’s CRE accounting and estimating software solutions for construction allow contractors to efficiently manage all phases of construction and service management. Put them together and joint customers can overcome multiple workforce challenges so they can focus on hiring, managing and growing their workforces.  

How the Integration Works 

Arcoro’s and Sage’s partnership allows users of both to integrate and streamline workforce processes, helping to build better-connected teams. 

A Sage 300 integrated HR software solution makes it easy to manage employee data. Arcoro’s integration takes advantage of modern data-sharing technologies.  Simply click a button and data is Data is automatically shared through a set of cloud services, allowing you to update data bi-directionally. Push employee data into Sage 300 CRE. The integration partnership has advantages: 

  • Single source for the data necessary to process payroll for your employees, such as employee tax, demographic data, direct deposit and benefits elections  
  • Fewer data entry points reduce data errors and saves time  
  • Enhanced accuracy means better compliance for data-driven requirements like EEOC  
  • All data is secure and protected  
  • Minimal set-up required; integration protocols are established, tested and turnkey 

Benefits of Sage 300 Integrated HR Software 

The partnership between Arcoro and Sage 300 helps keep systems in sync, reduces data entry mistakes and streamlines operations in the field and the office. It benefits employees, HR and finance, operations and field, payroll, leadership and IT. 


Employees are empowered to take control of their data. Empowering employees improves accountability and customer service, improves job satisfaction and helps you solve problems faster. When employee satisfaction is higher, turnover is reduced with no need for HR, payroll or manager intervention. 

HR and Finance 

The integration allows for a single source of entry for employee tax information, personal information, direct deposit, benefits selections and time-off requests that sync over to payroll. Because the integration is seamless, errors are reduced due to having less data entry points. And because paystub information is available to employees via the self-service portal, printing and mail costs are reduced. Best of all, less wasted time enables the team to focus on key goals and objectives. 

Operations and Field 

With Sage 300 integrated HR software, individuals can manage their own employee changes which are automatically available to the office. The information submitted in the field via the self-service portal is sent to the appropriate stakeholders automatically. Managers can stay focused on delivering projects on time, safely and on budget rather than on time-intensive paper and manual processes. 


The integration streamlines and simplifies payroll as teams won’t need to print, mail out or replace employee pay stubs. Plus, errors are reduced due to having fewer data entry points. 


Leadership benefits from Sage 300 integrated HR software by having more efficient hiring and workflow management processes. The integration offers higher compliance, better data integrity and fewer data entry mistakes with one system of record. Leadership can reallocate essential office and field management teams away from data entry duties toward more engaging work. 


IT can get behind the integration because the connection is already built and maintained, so there is nothing to manage. Plus, security standards keep data secure at rest and in transfer. And employee reports are available for HR without the need for IT support.  

Start enjoying the benefits of Sage 300 integrated HR software.