An onboarding process is one of the most important things you can do to ensure long-term success for your employees. But not every onboarding process yields the same results. It’s been reported that employers lose 17% of new hires in the first 90 days due to ineffective onboarding. To reap the benefits an onboarding process provides-increased retention, lower employee stress, higher job satisfaction, better job performance and a higher overall commitment to your company-it needs to be effective.

Simply put, effective onboarding is automated, compliant and easy for your new employees. An effective onboarding system collects all the necessary forms that are required for new employees like an I-9 or W-4 plus allows your employees to set up their pay all with a 100% paperless process. An easy, automated onboarding process not only makes a great first impression but better prepares them for their role in your company.

Investing in an effective onboarding will pay off for your company.


5 Ways Employee Onboarding Impacts Your Company

1. Increased Retention

According to Gallup, only 12% of employees strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding employees. That means 88% of new employees don’t form that oh so important bond between employee and company those first days. An effective onboarding process begins before your employee’s first day. It gets necessary, but time-consuming, paperwork out of the way so your employees can spend their first day learning about their new responsibilities and bonding with their coworkers. It’s an emotional process to decide to leave one job and accept another and an effective onboarding process confirms to your new employee that they’ve made the right decision.

2. Lower Stress

Starting a new job is stressful. New employees must figure out what to wear to work, what route to take to get there and what information they’ll need to bring along and that’s not even counting the requirements to do their actual job. Then there’s the stress on HR to get the new employee up to speed quickly. An effective onboarding process saves both the employee and HR hours of work by automating necessary forms and banking information while ensuring compliance is met. In fact, manual processes can take three or more hours per employee. Plus, a digital process, one that an employee can access from anywhere, makes everything easy. Send a couple of links and allow your employees to fill out their paperwork at their own speed so they come to work their first day with this task off their shoulders.

3. Higher Job Satisfaction

Every employee wants to feel that they bring value to their company and the onboarding process is your first opportunity to really share with the employee how much their work will be valued. An effective onboarding allows you to share the company’s mission and goals and the employee’s role in achieving them. An immersive onbaording experience, one that is online and automatic, is the best way for new employees to understand your company’s values and how they’ll make a difference, leading to higher job satisfaction.

4. Higher Performance Levels

According to Forbes, companies with structured and standardized onboarding processes experience 54% higher productivity from their newly employed and twice as a high level of engagement. An automated, efficient onboarding program is as structured as you with to make it and always ensures all boxes are checked and compliances are met so you and your employees can focus on getting to work.

5. Higher Overall Commitment to Your Company

Effective onboarding can help your employees feel connected while they’re at work, which is important to keep them committed to your company. Glassdoor suggests using one-on-one meetings to explain in-depth to new hires how their work fits into the bigger picture of the organization and giving them opportunities to know the department leaders on a personal level. With an easy-to-use, automated onboarding program, you’ll have time to focus on your new employee, including scheduling one-on-ones.

BirdDogHR’s Onboarding Software is an effective system that welcomes new hires with a custom portal that includes everything they need to start their job, plus it saves your department time while ensuring all your new hiring practices meeting compliance levels.