If you’re in the market for a recruitment solution, here are some of the features you can expect to find when looking into HRMS recruitment modules.

Not every company performs recruiting functions in the same way. Hiring process actions could vary by the position, the size of the organization and budget allocated. A good recruitment module in an HRMS, such as Arcoro’s recruitment solution, should adapt to your organization’s needs and not the other way around. Screening or filtering application options are standard, but you’ll probably won’t go through specific pre-interview checks, a phone interview, an assessment and more. The right HRMS recruitment module will automate this process and be flexible enough to manage differences for specific positions.

Linking to Your Careers Page
If your organization has a website, you probably have a careers page. This is the first place you’ll want to post your job requisitions.  To get the full benefit from automation, you need to integrate between your HRMS recruitment module and your website. Features like automatic updating whenever the job description changes or expires can save a lot of administrative time.

Your careers page shouldn’t be the only outlet to post your job requisitions. You should be using popular job search engines and online jobs boards such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter and more. Your HR technology should save you a lot of time with automatic publishing capabilities.

Applicant Tracking
Automatic applicant tracking is one of the most established recruitment features and it continues to be your biggest potential time saver. Knowing exactly which candidates are at different stages of the hiring process can save hours of time! Look for automatic push notifications and alerts when selecting a recruitment module.

Processing Resumes
Even when you don’t have a job requisition online, you may still be receiving resumes from hopeful recruits. An HRMS recruitment module with the ability to automatically ‘mine’ resumes for information such as skills, education, and other keywords, will give you a current database of candidate profiles to look through once you have an opening.

Social Media
There’s no denying that social media is critical when searching for employment – for both the job seeker and the employer. For advertising, building talent pipelines, and even the initial screening, an organization’s social media platforms are becoming very important. An HRMS recruitment module with a social sharing tool can help with this part of the hiring process.