While the “old ways” of doing things often feels safe and familiar, that shouldn’t be your mindset when it comes to the security and performance of your data. If your business relies on outdated technology to manage processes and transfer high-compliance information, then they are at risk of a myriad of negative variables including susceptibility to hacking and data theft; a bevy of fines and other penalties; irreplaceable harm to employer brand and image from both internal (your workforce) and external forces (the public at large) and more.

Negatively affected sales, massive employee exodus, decreased production and loss of trust are all just a few of the responses that will be dealt back, blow-by-blow. Wouldn’t it just be easier to avoid all that pain and ensure that you’re using modern technology to keep your data?

Complacency isn’t an option anymore. You need to take the first step outside of your comfort zone and take a leap into educating yourself on the latest cloud-based technology; it’s worth it.

Cloud computing platforms such as Microsoft Azure are the latest buzz in the world of tech. They optimize the way companies manage sensitive information. With security user-friendly services, scalability and cost efficiency, it would be a mistake to not learn what platforms like Microsoft Azure can offer.

So, what exactly is Microsoft Azure used for? Let’s discuss this further.

Making the case for Microsoft Azure

Quoted by TechRepublic as “One of the biggest in the enterprise cloud industry,” Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform which assists business in surpassing old limitations by transforming the way they store, access and secure their information.

The platform setup is built to host Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capabilities. It is also compatible with many different operating system (OS) languages, including C#, Javascript, Python and more.

The beauty of cloud computing is that if you have the appropriate login credentials and access to an internet connection, you can reach your information. No matter the time or where you are. You can use Azure’s dedicated web space to store troves of content and protect data, making it easier to manage all your servers in the cloud. The introduction of the cloud is swiftly causing on-premises data centers to become an antique of the past.

People love the flexibility and freedom the cloud has to offer, as well as how much more affordable it is compared to using an on-site data housing center. Microsoft offers a service that is convenient, affordable and accessible, it’s no wonder why the demand for cloud-based technology is booming for enterprises of all sizes.

Cloud computing makes automation possible. The infrastructure built within allows businesses to accomplish all their tasks quicker and more efficiently in the cloud. You can store high-compliance data, analyze it for reporting, integrate and transfer securely to internal and external servers and scale with other computerized services seamlessly. This “hands-off” approach gives you the ability to reach your data anytime and anywhere.

What is Microsoft Azure used for?

As a secure, protected cloud-based platform, Microsoft Azure allows businesses to store information and content, as well as develop and deploy customized applications. Its infrastructure lets companies manage their data and processes, build applications and more in the cloud.

Instead of using a traditional hard drive or physical data server as a means of storage, companies instead can utilize the internet to both secure and access their data. Hosting on Microsoft Azure eliminated the need for businesses to hold any physical data storage structures on their own premises. The platform eliminates costly operations, is easily accessible and provides unmatched data security.

How secure is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure offers end users data backup, protection and disaster recovery. You won’t have to worry about losing files due to any unforeseen criminal or natural event. Did an earthquake, fire or flash flood impact your business? If you lost your business to an unfortunate event, you can rest easy knowing that the data-lifeblood of it is still safe in the cloud.

Switching to a cloud computing solution can strengthen your IT backbone because you’ll never have to worry about issues that typically plague a physical data center. This advantage is a large reason why Microsoft Azure is gaining so much traction within the world of tech today.

Let’s face it. Losing sensitive data, campaign plans, partner and customer information is just not worth it. Why take the risk when there is such an easy alternative available?

By migrating into the cloud, here’s what businesses can avoid:

  •       Investing in on-premise security, hardware, support and staff
  •       Installing, updating and maintaining physical hardware.
  •       Taking up physical space with an on-site server
  •       Losing critical data due to physical damage/natural disasters
  •       Having no backup plan when they lose all their information

What are the benefits of implementing Microsoft Azure?

In addition to improving overall data security, peace of mind takes the cake. Microsoft Azure ensures your business operations become easier while also helping to reduce overall costs. The platform provides these benefits to businesses:

  •       No upfront costs; perfect for new, start-up businesses
  •       Pay only for resources you use, nothing more
  •       Access content anytime, anywhere
  •       Back-up and recovery features to protect important content
  •       Compatibility with any OS language
  •       Scalable data storage options
  •       Going green and eliminating energy use needed to power on-site servers

what is microsoft azure used for

The Arcoro Platform

Many companies are choosing to invest in scalable, cloud-based platforms to increase efficiencies, improve overall operations and save money. With the advanced technology options available to us today, opting to embrace new innovations rather than continue with old ways of doings things is simply a no brainer. Take your human resources (HR) department for example. They host an array of sensitive employee datasets that need to be secure and utilized efficiently.

The Arcoro platform is a cloud-based platform that utilizes Microsoft Azure technology, offering businesses security over their high-compliance data. All its modules are scalable, automated and can be configured to support the unique requirements of each individual company that employs them.

The full platform features modules in HR Management, Talent Management and Payroll Processing. The suite includes the following tools:

  •       Core HR
  •       Payroll Processing
  •       Time and Attendance
  •       ACA Compliance
  •       Benefits Management
  •       Applicant Tracking System
  •       Onboarding
  •       Performance Management
  •       Learning Management
  •       Succession Planning

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