AI, or artificial intelligence, is a term that’s been around since the 1950s. Back then, AI was relegated to science fiction. Today, we know that AI is hard at work in many of our daily processes. For example, every time you use Uber, check your email or use a mobile device to deposit a check, you’re using AI.

According to Science Daily, AI is “the study and design of intelligent agents where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions, which maximize its chances of success.” Essentially, AI is a computer program that can learn and respond accordingly with an unlimited number of responses. AI is being used in many fields – computer science, economics and psychology – and also in human resources.

AI is being used to recruit candidates through software applications that can problem-solve and learn to simplify processes and find the best candidate. Using AI for recruitment also reduces repetitive manual tasks, saving time. Furthermore, AI recruiting software can help find and screen candidates without biases.

Finding Candidates

According to SHRM, finding high-quality candidates is a top concern for most HR professionals and one that AI recruiting software can help with. In fact, nearly half of recruiters say they spend at least 30 hours a week sourcing candidates. Automating these processes saves any HR recruiter tremendous amounts of time. Programs and software integrated with AI algorithms can automatically scan talent pools based on your specific criteria. Using AI to help source candidates can also allow you to seek out passive candidates, those who aren’t actively looking to change careers. Possible candidates who aren’t hired can also be stored and automatically notified when a new position opens with their specific skill sets.


Screening Candidates

Screening candidates is another big time eater for HR professionals. Typically a phone call to screen candidates to determine if they’re even eligible for the position can take 20 to 30 minutes. HR software integrated with AI can perform many of your screening tasks. An online application process with knock out questions – those questions that either eliminate or approve a candidate – can automatically identify the traits and abilities you are looking for in a candidate.

AI, in the form of a personal assistant, can deliver intelligent, dynamic and human-like web and text chats to easily walk candidates through your entire recruiting process. For example, AI can capture candidate information, schedule interviews and nurture them through the rest of the process by texting reminders and directing them to your online application.

An AI assistant can also automatically send an email response to a qualified applicant or reject those who don’t possess your minimum requirements, leaving you to move forward with the best pool of talent for the position. AI for recruitment can also allow you to migrate concerns over bias that may creep into the process. AI helps eliminate human bias by using objective data, leading to a more diverse workforce. And companies who have diverse leadership have a 19% revenue increase.

BirdDogHR’s Applicant Tracking Software simplifies sourcing and screening candidates in as few steps as possible. Better yet, an ATS saves time, allowing you and your team to focus on finding the right candidate. See how AI recruiting software can change your recruiting game.

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