We are thrilled to announce the official combining of BirdDogHR with the Arcoro brand to further support Arcoro as the choice for HR compliance solutions in high consequences industries.

For over a year, BirdDogHR has helped form the backbone of Arcoro’s Hire, Manage and Grow software with its award-winning HR management suite.

We are honored to carry on the integrity of BirdDogHR’s strategic HR and recruiting automation to high-risk, high-compliance customers with all of these great Arcoro modules:

Every bit of BirdDogHR’s experience in the HR management field will be transitioned into Arcoro—including BirdDogHR’s exemplary employee team and their deep domain expertise.

Since the products of Arcoro and BirdDogHR have already been combined by a single login, this change is more in name than anything else. Still, we want to assure all BirdDogHR customers and potential customers that we aren’t making any sudden shifts that would disrupt the quality of our offering.

Everything remains the same in our products’ deep functionality and reliable U.S.-based customer support. In fact, with more people and ideas behind Arcoro, we know that our powerful HR solution will only get better and better.

The official folding of BirdDogHR occurred on August 22. At that time visitors to birddoghr.com started being redirected to arcoro.com. If you go to a saved link, you’ll simply be taken straight to the Arcoro site, where you’ll find helpful blogs, white papers, product content and much more.

We look forward to helping you Hire, Manage and Grow your business.