HR automation is the process of transitioning your time-consuming paper-based tasks, such as processing payroll and benefits administration, to a streamlined online system.

HR Automation

Automation offers your organization the ability to improve HR processes which in turn, leads to a reduction in errors, cost-savings, and easy-to-find business data and information.

When tasked with coming up with automated solutions for your business, consider these:

Time Off Tracking Requests

The number of requests a manager may receive makes it sometimes impossible to approve and keep track of employee’s time off schedules. HR can put these leave requests through a workflow and update the employee records instantly.

Recruitment and Onboarding

Automatically store applications submitted online and assign them to a recruiter or hiring manager for review. Once you hire a new employee, automated workflows can streamline the onboarding process. It can improve communication and hold the appropriate parties accountable for ensuring a new hire has the right tools when they start.


Workflows are a great tool to gather and process employee termination documents and supervise the return of company equipment. It can also stop payroll processing and benefits enrollment.

Time Sheet Tracking

You can automate the timesheet approval process, which can simplify data collection, validation and manual updates by HR personnel.

Performance Review Process

Most often managers don’t have the time to update employee performance reviews. Infrequent feedback from managers can lead to inaccurate data. Validation of performance, set up in HR approval cycles, can ensure that records are updated in a timely manner and that KPI’s are being met.

HR needs streamlined processes that will enhance communication, ensure that all tasks are completed, reduce errors and predict trends within the organization. All of these can be accomplished by automating HR through workflows.