The construction industry needs workers right now. According to the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), the construction industry needs to hire 650,000 additional workers on top of its normal pace of hiring in 2022. The extreme shortage of workers means construction companies must step up their games to attract workers and win them from the competition.


Below are five recruiting tips that you can use right now to attract more workers. 

Use Multiple Sources to Get the Word Out 

Revamp your recruitment strategy by thinking beyond simply posting your job openings in one place. Expand your search by promoting job descriptions with sources such as: 

  • Professional associations that are specific to your industry. 
  • Niche job boards, like boards dedicated to targeting construction workers, veterans and those dedicated to promoting diversity. 
  • Social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and even TikTok or Snap Chat. 
  • In-person events like career fairs and meet-and-greets which also allow you to connect with candidates face-to-face. 

Don’t neglect to reach out to passive candidates. Use your social media channels to post a steady flow of interesting content like videos, blog posts and e-newsletters that will make passive candidates stop and look at your company. Invite passive candidates to enter your talent pipeline for future positions. Recruiters can collect a large pool of candidates, maintain relationships and reach out when an opportunity arises. 

An applicant tracking system (ATS) can be invaluable when developing a talent pipeline. An ATS not only automatically posts job descriptions but it tracks every applicant who applied for the position. That information—name, state, zip code, email, resume, etc.—is stored in a candidate database that can be searched, giving recruiters the ability to start searching in their own system, saving time and money.  

Stay In Touch with Candidates Throughout the Process 

No candidate wants to feel like they’re being ghosted or left in the dark about the selection process. You’ll keep more candidates interested in your position if you communicate regularly with them.  

  • Automate email and/or text frequent communications. Automated messages should include thanks for applying, notification that you’re reviewing applications and when a recruiter will contact the applicant. 
  • Schedule meetings or events to get to know high-quality candidates. Events can also include informal meetings that include other members of your team, like future co-workers. 
  • Ask for feedback from the candidates, including if they have any questions or concerns about the position. 

An ATS will automatically email candidates with personalized messages thanking them for applying and updating them on their progress.  

Lean Into an Employee Referral Program 

An employee referral program (ERP) encourages employees to recommend and recruit qualified potential candidates for the company. According to LinkedIn, the number one way people discover a new job is through a referral. Implementing a referral program can really give a boost to your overall hiring process, especially if it is funded, i.e., offers a cash incentive for employees who participate. Not only will an ERP help bring new candidates to you, but those candidates will likely: 

  • Stay longer 
  • Understand the job role better 
  • Be more engaged 
  • Be more likely to refer future employees 
  • Have a higher ROI than employees coming from other sources 
  • Take a shorter time to hire

Get In Front of Younger People Before They Enter The Workforce 

A major cause of the current labor shortage is that young people aren’t going into construction. A report by the National Science Board found more young people are choosing higher education over learning technical skills leaving about 3.4 million technical jobs unfilled. Share the message that technical jobs are a great choice for students who are getting ready to enter the workforce. Attend career fairs, offer mentorships and apprenticeships and partner with local technical education programs to build relationships with students. Push the benefits that forgoing a four-year degree offers. For example, the average student leaves a four-year degree program with almost $40,000 in debt in recruitment materials. A career in construction also gives young workers the ability to be creative, innovative and quick thinking, not to mention multiple offering opportunities for advancement. 

Show Off Your Great Company Culture 

Workers may come to your company for pay, but they stay because of your culture. According to a study by Glassdoor, 56% of workers in the United States say a strong workplace culture is more important than salary, and three in four workers say they’d consider a company’s culture before applying for a job. Great company culture includes a variety of things: 

  • Employee recognition that’s both personal and far reaching. Great recognition shows your employees you genuinely care about them. Use company websites to highlight employee achievements. 
  • Growth opportunities. Investing in your employees’ development shows them you’re invested in their future, illuminating a career path with your company.  
  • Thoughtful communication. Communication should connect workers both personally and professionally. Touching base with employees about both work and home shows them you care while providing insight about their work/life balance. 
  • A feeling of oneness. A great culture creates a feeling of oneness, that everyone has a voice, no matter their position. Develop and implement a diversity, equity and inclusion plan. 
  • Fair pay. Competitive pay is part of culture. In the US, construction workers make an average of $37,890 per year. Matching pay with your competitors can help level the playing field when attracting workers. But offering incentives to earn more can help them stay. Compensation can include pay but also performance and retention bonuses and profit sharing. 

Adjusting your recruiting strategy to include these five tips could give you the edge needed to attract and hire more candidates.  

Arcoro’s ATS is invaluable when it comes to building your own candidate pool. Plus it has built-in hiring compliance features so you can easily adhere to government guidelines and standards. Our ATS will automatically add EEO taglines to job postings and save all applications. Reporting features, like Affirmative Action Reports and VEVRAA/Section 503 reporting, let you pull up years of applications with a click of a button should an auditor ever show up at your door. 

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