Those in the construction industry are always looking for ways to be more efficient so they can save money and accelerate timelines. But efficiency will never be achieved if you’re using outdated, manual processes. Using technology to automate processes, like HR processes, can give construction companies back some valuable time. 


Memory Dikes, Manager of Customer & Partner Success for Arcoro, says automating HR processes is key in construction, especially since many companies still use paper for applications and to track certification completions. Implementing cloud-based solutions like Arcoro’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Onboarding and Learning Management System (LMS) can free up valuable time while making sure processes are done accurately. 

She answers three questions about what issues Arcoro customers are currently dealing with, how Arcoro’s cloud-based, modular solutions can solve them and the new and exciting features coming in the future. 

What are the biggest pain points that you hear from customers? 

“What I hear most from customers is they need help managing their organization and their people. The construction world is still very manual, with many companies still using paper. Our clients are looking for an easier way, especially with the challenges of managing moving construction sites. 

“For example, if you’ve got people going to job sites or working remotely, you have to figure out a way to onboard them. They either have to physically come into an office and fill things out or you have to go to them. Onboarding them electronically just makes the process so much easier.” 

How is Arcoro offering a solution? 

“Our product overall helps automate manual steps of HR processes and gives HR teams and managers time back to actually focus on their people, rather than the administrative part of the business. Both our recruiting and onboarding software helps remove or improve some of those manual steps.  

“Not relying on paper applications is a huge deal for clients but automating the process once a worker is hired is also huge. There is a stack of papers that have to be signed and filled out for onboarding. Having that automated, where a candidate can upload documents from their phone is a big deal. For example, a candidate can take a photo of their driver’s license and electronically send that to HR. 

“This is very helpful for the candidate and HR team because they don’t have to spend tons of time on the first day getting new employees onboarded.   

“Similarly, our LMS has helped a lot of customers. Being in construction, our customers have to have their employees obtain certifications or go through certain classes before they can even go on site. That takes up a lot of time. Instead of having an in-person classroom, they can instead create and deliver some of those training courses through our LMS and get employees through them faster and on the job site more quickly. 

“The customers I’ve seen benefit the most from HR technology are the ones that have come straight from paper and have never had any type of digital system before. It is the biggest time saver and these days, time is money.”  

What can Arcoro customers look forward to in 2023? 

“The biggest thing our customers are looking forward to is the advanced analytics some of our modules offer.   

“We already have advanced analytics for the LMS and ATS and we’ll soon be rolling it out to ExakTime and other products.   

Our advanced analytics reporting is so robust, we are looking forward to offering it on other modules in the future.  

“For example, advanced analytics reporting will make it a lot easier for HR and managers to manage and pull reports on productivity and quickly see if certification classes have been completed for OSHA compliance. That way, you don’t have to have just one administration person going through and checking completions. You’ll have reports that will notify you to stay within compliance.  

“Plus, it gives users the ability to create dashboards for their C-suite, which is another good thing. Advanced analytics reporting can create reports that are easy to simply hand over to the people who don’t always get into the weeds.”  

If you’re interested in automating your HR processes, call your account manager, customer success manager or support to learn more.