Global commerce, means of communication and travel make it easier for companies to expand into new markets, bringing a surge of non-traditional types of employment. Many companies with multiple territories opt to hire remote employees to represent their business. Making the correct hiring decision can eliminate risk on the front-end, but retaining remote employees long-term is a way to ensure your venture will succeed. A 2016 Gallup survey indicates that only 30 percent of employees who work remotely are actively engaged at work all of the time. There are many tactics companies can utilize to ensure their remote workforce is productive.

Visits to the Company Headquarters

Periodic visits to the company headquarters are a great way for remote employees to develop a stronger bond between managers and co-workers. Implementing a monthly or quarterly visit to the corporate office allows time for additional training, professional development and face-to-face meetings with remote employees. Your employee will value time to bond with their co-workers and get a better sense of your company culture, and you will have the opportunity to provide real-time feedback. It’s a win-win!


Memberships to Professional Organizations

Encouraging your remote employee to join a professional organization increases your company’s brand awareness in a remote market, and offers your employee interaction with other professionals while learning about topics that will enhance business goals. Many professional organizations offer sponsorship opportunities; your company’s marketing materials can be displayed and your employee can present about the advantages of your business. Involvement in outside organizations will help your employee to build professional relationships, despite the distance from their colleagues.

Incorporate Remote Employees into Fun Office Activities

Does your company offer perks throughout the workday as a form of employee appreciation? What about a recognition program or speakers for lunch and learns? Remote employees don’t need to know about everything that happens at your corporate office, but immersing them in your company culture when you can helps remote employees feel more connected to your mission and values. If you offer treats or snacks to corporate office employees, consider sending a care package to your remote office periodically. If you bring in speakers for lunch and learns or seminars, ensure your remote employee has audio or video access to the event.

Competition for qualified employees is at an all-time high. Once you’ve invested resources into hiring and training a remote employee, ensure your employee is also invested in you.