Technology plays a central role in how construction companies manage their workforce because it optimizes processes to help improve efficiency, productivity, accuracy and decision-making capabilities. But not all technology is created equal. Disparate systems, software solutions that don’t work together or integrate, can only solve one HR issue at a time. Plus, disparate systems usually require data to be manually entered into another system, like adding candidate data from an ATS to onboarding, which can cause all sorts of problems like errors, lost productivity and frustrated employees. For example, one East Coast contractor was using several different systems to manage its workforce. These bolt-on or “Frankenstein” systems divided the company, causing data silos that broke down communication, as well as creating more work for employees via redundant manual entry. 


The solution is to use integrated technology that can solve all your HR issues. Integrated technology provides several benefits like increased efficiency, better decision making, higher employee satisfaction and more accurate data. 

Increased efficiency 

Integrated technology helps streamline your processes, making them more efficient. When software systems talk to each other, processes become automated, eliminating the need for human hands to re-enter or transfer data. Integrated HR solutions for recruitment, time tracking, payroll and development can help reduce manual data entry and eliminate errors. Streamlining workflows can also contribute to optimized resource management and improved project timelines. The result is your staff will have more time for strategic, higher-level tasks. 

For example, the East Coast contractor mentioned above uses Arcoro’s Core HR, which integrates with Sage 300 CRE, to save staff hours of work. Core HR feeds employee data like demographics, pay IDs, deductions and tax information, into Sage 300 CRE, streamlining payroll processing and keeping benefits deductions, direct deposits, taxes and more in sync. This payroll integration alone saved the company about eight hours per payroll person, per week equaling a staggering 24,000 hours per year for the entire payroll team.  

Better Decision Making 

When your construction HR software integrates with other essential systems, you get access to improved HR and workforce data. Better data gives companies the ability to make better decisions. That same East Coast contractor was able to focus on internal development to help its employees grow their careers with the company. It opted to add Arcoro’s Performance Management, Learning Management and Succession Planning, which could deliver leadership and compliance training as well as 9-box matrix review modules. 

Plus, being able to track hires, performance, payroll costs and more helps contribute to better project outcomes. 

Happier Employees 

Utilizing integrated technologies can also help improve employee satisfaction. Integrated technologies give employees the tools they need to do their work effectively, without being lagged down by manually entering data into multiple systems. For example, onboarding hundreds of employees at once during ramp up is easier when their candidate information automatically flows into onboarding – no manual data entry required. And when teams don’t work in data silos, they can communicate and collaborate more effectively – it’s a win-win for the entire company.  

More Accurate Data  

Integrated technologies allow the same data to be used across systems, so all employees have access to the same high-quality data. With unconnected systems, data has to be manually transferred to each system, which will inevitably lead to errors. Accurate data also helps with better decision making. Relying on reports based on high quality data helps companies make better decisions. If data has errors or is out of date, it can affect every aspect of a construction company’s operations, from hiring to bidding on projects. 

Choosing to use integrated systems can add up to cost savings in terms of time and productivity, which can make a big impact on your bottom line. By switching to Arcoro’s HR modules, the contractor we’ve used as an example was able to use better data and devote more time to achieving its strategic goals like growing and maintaining a strong workforce that’s committed to the company’s future. 

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