Workflow management is simply the idea of an efficient process.

To pull off a highly effective workflow management system, organizations need:

  • A total buy in.
  • A great system.

It might seem like you’d need more, but the beauty of a great workflow management software is that it’s easy – once your team agrees to commit to using it.

In HR, workflow management can mean the difference between critical business functions like issuing paychecks and getting people hired. An easy-to-use workflow management software will hit both the soft and hard areas of HR: It streamlines and automates for greater efficiency, and it amplifies great communications and employee empowerment.

Here’s how your HR department can benefit.

Automate the Processes

HR managers who don’t fully automate say they lose an average of 14 hours a week manually completing tasks that could be automated. (CareerBuilder)

We all know automation is not just an emerging technology – it’s standard operating procedures for flourishing businesses. By using a smart software that makes workflows a seamless part of its purpose, you increase efficiency by:

  • Identifying redundancies
  • Eliminating unnecessary players
  • Standardizing repeating processes, regardless of how many steps it needs
  • Setting up reminder emails to trigger whenever a deadline is approaching
  • Signing documents in the system (read more about our Core HR software’s EZSign function, which saves you time, money and paper).

Empower Employees

A workflow management system can do more than organize – it can ignite pro-activity and ownership among your employees. When you empower your employees to take care of their responsibilities without micromanaging or constant oversight, you’re showing them you respect them as workers. After all, if you didn’t think they were responsible, independent workers, you wouldn’t have hired them.

A few areas where you can pass the torch to your employees and give them some autonomy:


Communicate Expectations

When it comes to employee relationships, they’re no different than the other relationships we consider important in our lives. When communication is bad, things can get ugly fast. It’s critical that your team is moving in the same direction, under the same assumptions. Read four communication issues and how HR can solve them.

One of the best tips when it comes to managing a team is to be clear about your expectations. With a smart workflow management software, you can follow that rule with increased efficiency, even with time-consuming tasks, such as:

  • Following up about projects
  • Attaching documents to workflows
  • Including all necessary steps, regardless of how many
  • Keeping collaborators in the loop regarding progress of shared projects

Decrease Errors

When communication, expectations and tasks are clear, mistakes decrease. Your workflow management software should incorporate safeguards that promote the likelihood your organization will:

  • Be compliant with any regulated forms, including during phases of recruitment, evaluation, hiring and more
  • Use the appropriate pre-filled forms
  • Get the necessary digital signatures before submission
  • Give the proper training to job roles (critical for industries like construction and manufacturing)

Increase Engagement

The holy grail of HR process goals, high employee engagement is important for reasons ranging from job satisfaction and retention to employer brand and work culture. Your HR team can use a smart workflow management software to provide a halo effect to any HR goals you have in place already. For example:

  • Great onboarding sparks engagement from Day 1 or before, depending on when your digital onboarding workflow begins.
  • Excellent employee service is the same idea as customer service, but in HR, your customers are your employees. Workflows can be created for any event in the employee journey, from hire to retire and everywhere in between.

Workflow management software is more than a buzzword or fad; it’s part of the automation wave that’s revolutionizing HR. We’re confident our software will impress – try a free demo today and see smart workflow management in action at the HR level.

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