Before implementing our smart HR software, many of our clients have shared the same frustrating recruitment hurdles: 

  • Recruitment takes too much of their time. 
  • They don’t get the right candidates. 
  • They can’t keep up with reporting guidelines. (This post won’t touch on that, but you can learn all about it here.)

Here are some quick-hit tactics to better recruitment. 

Be an Employer of Choice 

The current job market demands you be an employer of choice if you want to get the right candidates on your team. After all, there’s every chance the candidates don’t need you as much as you need them. Here are some ways to make your employees’ lives easier with benefits that promote work-life balance. 

  • Earn a phenomenal reputation by having an Employee Value Proposition (a real-world answer to the question “Why would a high-performing person want to work here?”) and actually follow through with the answer. 
  • Flexible work time, like remote working, flexible hours and transparent shift-scheduling, is a benefit that 51 percent of workers would leave their job if another company had it (Gallup).
  • Financial Assistance for child care expenses, student loans and/or tuition payments can make huge differences in employees’ family lives, and few employers offer it. this is a great way to differentiate your company. 
  • Make busy lives easier with things like catered lunches, pet-friendly work-spaces, and on-site fitness, child care and health care (think flu shots and chiropractor visits). 

Make Your Application Process Unbelievably Easy 

More than ever before, the hiring process needs to be seen through a of user-friendliness. Job seekers have their pick of open positions, and passive job hunters won’t jump through hoops for a job they’re not actively looking for. 

Ask  yourself these questions: 

  • Are my jobs posted on mobile-friendly sites? 
  • Is it easy for interested applicants to finish their applications on their smartphone or tablet? 
  • Can they stop in the middle and come back without worrying about losing their work? 
  • Does it take under five minutes? 
  • Is it easy for applicants to see how far they are into the application? 
  • Is it obvious who the application is for (you) based on branding and logos? 
  • Is it attachment-free? 

If you said no to any of these, it’s time for a recruitment evaluation. Your life can be easier. 


Treat Candidates Like Stars 

We’ve made clear your applicants need to feel the process was easy. But what about once they click submit? (If you had to replace “click submit” with “fax in” or “mail in,” please contact us immediately for a free HR assessment.) Every applicant should be treated like they matter, and candidates like to be flattered. 

  • Always let applicants know their application was received. 
  • Let them know if they are on longer being considered. 
  • Keep candidates in the loop about where they are in the hiring process and the timeline for making a decision. 
  • If they come into the workplace, make sure they’re treated like VIPs, with plenty of prep beforehand (what to wear, where to park, who to ask for) and graciousness for the time and interest in the position. 

Have a Great Employee Referral Program 

Employee referral programs are the gold standard for recruiting – they average a 46 percent retention rate compared to 33 percent of organizations that only use career sites (Undercover Recruiter). Employees who refer friends and family are indicating satisfaction with their job, and candidates are more likely to have a positive perception of your company. Here’s how to get started on a great referral program: 

  • Have a process in place for employees to make referrals. 
  • Keep the referring employee in the loop on candidate’s status. 
  • If possible, offer a reward for referrals that get hired. 
  • Make sure employees know about the referral program. 
  • Make it simple and mobile-friendly. Don’t ask employees to do legwork like writing a recommendation or uploading a resume – those are unnecessary hurdles that discourage referrals. 

Offer the Simple Things 

Not every position has a budget that will blow candidates’ minds. Luckily, salary isn’t the deciding factor for most job seekers. Here are some popular voluntary benefits, which – because of their a la carte and affordable – are an emerging trend for attracting Gen Z and Millennials: 

  • Critical illness insurance 
  • Student loan assistance 
  • Financial wellness planning 
  • Pet insurance 
  • Education & training 

Hiring candidates has never been tougher (2018 the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 – seriously!?), but your tools for beating the statistics have never been more easily accessible. We’d love to show you how it can make life in HR better for you. 

Schedule a demo today.

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