Where in the United States do you believe is the technology hub of America? If you guessed Silicone Valley out in California, Forbes would color you correct. With companies like Apple, Facebook and Cisco Systems leading the technology pack, it’s hard to argue that any other place in the nation can compare. However, that doesn’t mean other places across the nation aren’t trying and aren’t successful. Technology companies have been springing up all over the country for a while now and Arizona is no exception. G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer, business solutions platform, released a list of the Top B2B Arizona Tech in 2018, putting Arcoro at #11 on their rankings.

Per the G2 Crowd:

With so many great tech companies in the Valley area, Arcoro is proud to be recognized as a top B2B vendor. J.T. Marino and Dahee Park, Co-Founders of Tuft and Needle believe more and more tech companies will eventually make their way out to Arizona based off of the cost of living and business as well as Arizona’s work climate compared to other states. They had this to say, “As it turned out, somewhat to our surprise, Phoenix as a city and as a place to start a business was unusually attractive — and more than a little underrated.”

With an 18.6 percent growth in technology jobs from 2010-2015, Forbes has predicted that the next technology boom could take place in Phoenix. And with Bill Gates buying 25,000 acres of Arizona desert to build a smart city, that prediction may come to fruition.

Arcoro is a proud member of the Arizona Tech Council and would like to thank everyone on the council and to all the other members of the list, the G2 Crowd released. Without the collaboration and teamwork from everyone on the council, Arizona would not be a rising power in the technology industry.