Your company’s processes and technologies will inevitably evolve, and your employees will need to evolve with them. Continuing training and learning are required whenever new software and tools are added, as well as making sure employees stay up to date on any new regulations and required professional or safety training. But beyond training for their current jobs, employees also want the opportunity for career development. If your employees don’t see an opportunity to grow, they may look elsewhere. According to Work Institute, lack of career development is the number one reason employees quit their jobs. A good learning management software system can solve the issue of ongoing training and career development. 


What is Learning Management? 

Learning and development is a specialized function of your HR department. According to HR Technologist, it is defined as the process of empowering employees with specific skill sets to drive better business performance. These skills may improve an employee’s performance in their current role or set them up for a new position, possibly promoting them to a future leadership or management role. Coaching, mentoring, webinars, conferences, job shadowing and online training courses are all types of development learning. 

Why You Need Learning Management 

Learning and development company programs offer several benefits. First, they make your employee happy. As mentioned above, the top reason employees quit jobs is due to lack of career growth. But beyond career growth, when you dedicate resources to your employees and develop formal training, it makes them feel valued as individuals and as employees. Valued employees will be loyal to your company because they will feel you’ve invested in them, even when other opportunities present themselves. 

As learning and development programs help reduce turnover costs, you can focus on your company’s long term goals instead of continually working to hire new talent. Your employees will stay longer because they’ll be invested in your company and will want to contribute to its success. Your company also benefits when you develop your current employees to lead your company in the future. 

A strategic use of a robust Learning Management System (LMS) simplifies learning and development. A good LMS will: 

  • Kickstart your employees’ career development track 
  • Extend your onboarding, which increases engagement 
  • Increase your retention rate 
  • Improve employee morale 
  • Create a smarter, more efficient workforce 
  • Help you and your employees adhere to safety guidelines and requirements 

How Arcoro’s Learning Management System Works 

The Arcoro® LMS is a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to provide and keep track of training completions and certifications for compliance. The Arcoro LMS enables organizations to capture, create, manage and share knowledge to improve workforce productivity, accelerate critical business processes, support compliance and power organization performance. 

  • Improve Workforce Productivity: Integrate all learning activities (online, virtual or in person instructor-led and on-the-job) to develop your employees and improve performance. The investment in your team is realized in your bottom line and your ability to grow. 
  • Enhance Employee Engagement: When you take an active role in the development of your employees, you help them with their personal growth and create a career path within your organization. 
  • Centralize Certifications and Compliance: Eliminate the guesswork of certifications by automating reminder notifications of approaching certification expiration in a centralized system. Communications, updates and reporting become streamlined and efficient.

Flexible Training Methods 

Arcoro’s LMS delivers online or on-the-job training with an in-person or virtual instructor or the employee can complete training courses at their own pace. Employers can upload existing courses using SCORM, AICC, xAPI and CMI5 formats. And you can associate courses based on skills and competencies.  

Reporting and Dashboards 

The LMS delivers on-demand system reports, along with ad hoc reports, and they can be scheduled and sent to anyone. Users also have the ability to export real-time results to Excel, Word or as a PDF. Easy-to-view widgets from the dashboard let users view learning metrics at a glance. Student transcripts can be centralized by individual, group or both.  

Social Learning and Collaboration 

Arcoro’s LMS promotes social learning and collaboration via work groups. It also allows access to threaded discussions where users can share information. Upload supporting resources to keep everyone on the same page and an additional collaboration tool can link a training object or course.  

Compliance and Certification Management 

Arcoro’s LMS aids with compliance and certification management by allowing admins to set and automate reminder notifications for certification deadlines and expiration dates. You can integrate both online and on-the-job activities, centralize reporting and upload certifications.  

Integrate online and on-the-job activities. The LMS also gives you the ability to upload a document and have the employees sign off on it like policies, handbooks, etc. 

Learning Plans/Curriculum 

There are several options for implementing learning plans and curriculum. You can create blended training paths and assign dynamic coursework based on employee demographics, job code or configurable groups. The LMS lets you consolidate tracking and reporting as well as providing a Knowledge Base to store documents and attach to a learning course.  

Access to Employee Training Libraries 

We partner with Training ABC and ClickSafety for best-in-class employee training and training bundles. 

Arcoro’s LMS can help you develop or improve a learning development program that your employees will be excited to take part in.

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