If you work in the construction industry, you have an employer brand (whether you realize it or not). Essentially, your employer brand is your reputation as an employer. It consists of the different factors that make your construction company the top choice for construction candidates looking for a job, along with the factors that help keep current employees engaged and happy at work. In this tight construction labor market, maintaining a positive employer brand is necessary to attract skilled construction candidates, retain current construction employees and remain competitive.

Ask yourself: Do people enjoy coming to work each day? Would they recommend their friends to work for your company? What does the community say about you as an employer?

These questions can help determine whether your employer brand will aide in recruitment and retention, or if there are areas that can be improved upon.

Why Does Your Employer Brand Matter?


When job-seekers are reviewing sites like Glassdoor or asking friends and family for advice on specific companies, they expect honest feedback. They want to know if the company treats employees well, or if they’ll be back in search mode after a few months on the job. With a negative employer brand, it’s harder to attract skilled construction workers that could easily find a job at a more reputable company.

Workforce Retention

Employees care about their employer’s brand, too. They want to work for a company that is thriving, well-respected and has a clear career path laid out for them. And in the eyes of a recruiter, anybody could be considered a passive candidate waiting for a new opportunity. Reinforcing employer branding and boosting company culture efforts are effective ways to retain construction employees.

Employee Referrals

Companies that use employee referral programs experience higher retention rates than those who don’t. If employees are happy at work, they’ll be more likely to recommend their personal networks when a new job becomes available at your company.

Building Your Employer Brand

Building and growing your employer brand takes time, resources and strategic planning, but it can also bring about company growth. Simple tactics should support your overall strategy. Ensuring your social media accounts are updated regularly, and that your website and external marketing materials are cohesive is a good place to start. You can reinforce your employer brand by:

  • Creating job ads that include your company’s mission statement, colors and logo
  • Responding to every candidate’s application – whether you think you’ll hire them or not
  • Offering (and publicizing) benefits that are important to construction employees

Studies show that 70% of job seekers used a mobile device in their job search within the last year. Because of this, it’s important to consider how your job postings and application process come across to candidates:

  • Your website and careers page should be easy to find.
  • The apply process should be simple and straightforward.
  • The job posting itself should look like the rest of your website, social media and other branding.
  • You should also consider the benefits you’re promoting for candidates, and why they should want to come work for you instead of another construction company.

If your employer brand could use a boost, request a Free HR Assessment to see how Arcoro HR can help.