The marketplace is dynamic and diverse. To keep up with it and remain profitable and successful, your work environment needs to possess those same qualities. Integrating employees from culturally diverse backgrounds empower your organization to progress alongside the market place. Unfortunately, many organizations aren’t aware of the benefits that come with a diverse workplace.

Three heads are better than one, but if all three have the same approach to problem solving are they really different? When diverse employees are hired, the workplace can continue to innovate and overcome obstacles faster because unique life experiences from each employee offer a different vantage point to the same problem. Having an inclusive workplace helps business avoid the cost of turnover and loss of productivity.

The first benefit of a diverse and inclusive workforce is lower turnover rates. According to the Center for American Progress, businesses that fail to foster inclusive workplaces see higher turnover rates than businesses that value a diverse workforce.

The second benefit of diversity is that it makes recruitment easier. Every organization wants to hire the most talented and qualified employees and diversity can help you do that. It goes back to three heads are better than one, top talent is critical to improving your bottom line so make your talent as strong as possible. Help your organization by selecting employees that offer something different than your existing staff, whether that’s background, experience, or worldview – your organization will benefit.

A third benefit to diversity in the workplace is the increase in productivity levels. When new ideas and solutions are brought to an organization by a diverse group of employees, workplace processes are improved on and productivity levels rise.

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