A study published by the Chief Human Capital Officers Council (CHCO) is crediting the efforts of a bill passed back in 2010 – which allowed federal government workers more access to flexible scheduling and telecommuting option benefits – are happier and more productive.

Federal Study on the Benefits of Flex Schedules

The Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010 allowed federal agencies to adopt workplace policies providing federal employees with better work-life balance options.

More than 64,000 federal workers were surveyed, they provided the following insights:

  • 83 percent reported that their professional, personal and/or family life needs have clashed with one another at times
  • 35 percent of workers reported they are allowed to telecommute some of the time
  • 54 percent now have access to flexible work schedules
  • 96 percent say they would like to either telecommute or have a more flexible schedule

More than three-quarters of those given access to either telecommuting and/or a flexible schedule have said the arrangement led them to perform better on the job and made them more likely to continue working for their agency. Employees with access to work remote and/or a flexible schedule were more likely to report higher job satisfaction compared to federal workers who were not given those options. 79 percent of those who telecommute and 74 percent with flexible schedules say they’re satisfied, compared to 69 percent satisfaction of those who do neither.

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The report concluded with:

“The results indicate agencies offer a variety of work-life programs and workplace flexibilities, employees are using them, and there is a desire to be able to use more of them. Leadership support is critical to integrating work and personal demands, and the results highlight the need for increased awareness and managerial training.”

As this is a survey from employees of the federal government, the data archived can easily be studied and used by organizations all over the country who are interested in creating or improving a benefits package for their employee base.

A benefits plan to help produce higher happiness and production levels from your employees is more than just telecommuting and/or flexible scheduling (although those are great options to offer). You can add benefits for your company by focusing on the following categories:

  • Nutrition and health
  • Mental health and personal growth
  • Productivity
  • Fitness and physical activity
  • Rejuvenation
  • Bonuses
  • Challenges and contests
  • Other various perks