Scalable core HR software > messy paper systems.

Whether you’re interested in going paperless in your HR department because it will save you time and money, because it’s “green” or because good use of technology drives engagement, we’ve got the stats to back you up.

Here are seven statistics that prove it’s time to go paperless in HR.

1. HR managers who don’t fully automate say they lose an average of 14 hours a week manually completing tasks.

File this under: More time to do the best part of your job.

Source: CareerBuilder

What could your HR team do with an extra 14 hours a week? For starters, team members could spend their time working with people, instead of doing busy work like making cumbersome changes to employee information. Here are some core HR initiatives that are gaining popularity and might get some attention after automating busy-work tasks:

2. Ninety-two percent of construction pros use their mobile device every day on the job.

File this under: Reach your employees where they are.

Source: JBKnowledge ConTech Report 2018

Whether it’s mobile-based recruiting, time and attendance, or important training like OSHA certifications, adopting mobile-friendly core HR practices is the best way to reach your team. Workers likely already have their smartphones with them, so deliver important touch points in a simple, accessible way – on their phone, at their convenience.


3. Sixty-four percent of Millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work.

File this under: Attract Millennials and Gen Z

Source: Cone Communications

In construction, 80 percent of firms say they’re having a hard time filing hourly craft positions, largely due to the high rate of Baby Boomer retirements and low rate of young workers entering the field. One way to catch their attention? Make a statement about sustainability. Millennilas and Gen Z-ers are increasingly interested in what companies are doing to make the world more sustainable. More noteworthy Millennial data:

  • 64 percent of Millennials won’t take a job with a company that doesn’t have strong corporate social responsibility values
  • 83 percent of Millennials would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social and environmental issues

4. Sixty-seven percent of business leaders agree that if their company doesn’t become significantly more digitized by 2020, it will not longer be competitive.

File this under: Adapt to thrive.

Source: Gartner 2019 HR Executives Priorities

Remember how we used to enjoy Netflix? Through DVDs shipped to us. But then they started streaming…And look how the world has changed because of it. Businesses that don’t look forward and adapt (or develop) game-changing technologies will lose employees and eventually customers. Depending on paper processes isn’t just old fashioned and inefficient, it’s a statement about your company. Do you have the vision to make changes now that will set you up for the future?

5. Using paper time cards results in 10 minutes of ‘time theft’ per employee, per day.

File this under: Help your employees be their best.

Source: American Payroll Association

Automating something like time and attendance is a great first step down the automation road. It’s simple to understand, easily adoptable for all parties, saves you money by decreasing error and “buddy punching,” and a high-quality time and attendance platform will interact seamlessly with payroll. Plus, it will save you money.

6. Workers who say their employers use mobile technology well are typically more productive, creative, satisfied and loyal.

File this under: Make employees happy.

Source: Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Employing productive, creative, satisfied and loyal employees is a recipe for success, for any business across any industry. If you’re looking to improve your bottom line, ramping up a mobile-based core HR system should be a first step. Here are some tips on how to improve employee morale and job satisfaction.


7. Nearly 60 percent of employees who are proud of their company’s social responsibility are engaged at their jobs.

File this under: Drive engagement and boost your employer brand.

Employer brand is your reputation as an company.

  • What’s the story people in your community and industry hear about you?
  • Are you a great place to work?
  • Are employees proud to be affiliated with you?
  • Do you care about things beyond your profits?

Promoting yourself as socially responsible, such as having a commitment to sustainability by being paperless, drives engagement among employees. Another benefit? When employees are proud to work for you, they’re more likely to refer qualified friends and family. Here’s how to set up a quality employee referral program.

Going paperless is a win-win situation, especially if you adopt a core HR software that is intuitive and integrates with your current processes. Take a look at our site of core HR software, which has brought us a customer retention rate of 95 percent!

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