Ever feel like you’re constantly swimming upstream when it comes to implementing and managing your HR processes? While the current economy has made hiring and retaining employees a challenge, your HR software could be also to blame. A good talent management system should seamlessly support every employee process from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and compensation. If yours doesn’t, it could be time to upgrade.

5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your HR Software

1. You’re constantly swamped and never have time to strategize.

HR software is supposed to help you work smarter, not harder. If you’re spending all your time finding, screening and hiring candidates instead of coming up with big picture ideas to improve HR, you need to upgrade. A good applicant tracking system automates recruitment processes so you have time to plan, keep up on trends, initiate new HR programs and enhance your company’s culture. A recruiting AI assistant can even handle screening candidates and setting up interviews so you only have to deal with quality candidates.

2. Your current software is slow and clumsy.

If your HR software is difficult to use or time-consuming, you could be turning both potential and current candidates away. For example, candidates want to be able to access applications from their phones (70% look for jobs on their mobile devices) and they want it to be fast. According to CareerBuilder, candidates want to finish an application in 10 minutes or less, or they’ll move on to another company. And if you want your current employees to adopt new time-saving technology, like time and attendance software, it needs to be easy to use and accessible from anywhere.

3. Your company’s overall productivity is slipping.

Good HR retention practices are directly related to employee productivity as happy employees perform better than unhappy ones. And the things that make employees happy are good company culture, compensation and working with their co-workers. HR software, like onboarding, performance management and compensation management, helps set the stage for a great company culture with an improved employee experience.


4. Your employees aren’t in charge of their own destiny.

For any HR software to be as effective as possible, your employees must have some control over their personal information otherwise all the work lands on your shoulders. Plus, allowing employees to input their own data limits errors. A top tier system allows employees to enter and update their personal data and gives them access to paystubs and PTO hours.

5. What’s HR Software?

If you don’t currently have HR software, now is the time to upgrade. Manual processes that still use paper are not only slower and sloppier than digital (think about all the paper clutter and filing you must do) but they’re a security and compliance nightmare. Your employees’ data is full of sensitive information that with a manual, unsecured process could easily get lost into the wrong hands. Plus, there are compliance issues to consider like the Affordable Care Act and government contractors that need to adhere to EEO and OFCCP guidelines.

BirdDogHR’s Talent Management Solutions were destined with the user in mind. The solutions are easy-to-use, automated and seamlessly integrate with each other. From applicant tracking to onboarding and learning and performance management, the software works with you to simplify your HR processes and let your employees work more efficiently.