Your HR staff is responsible for hiring the right candidate, managing employee information and benefits, tracking time and attendance and much more. If your organization fits into the small or medium size business category, the use of HR software to handle all of these tasks may seem too pricey. But in reality, it’s not. Automating your HR functions can help save you time and money in a variety of ways.

Why automate HR?

First Impressions are Everything!

Onboarding includes a lot of paperwork, contracts, IT resources and training. With automation, you can structure workflows to trigger multiple actions. For example, you can automatically send workflow requests for IT and computer equipment, employee IDs and badges and new hires to enter their employee data into the system. This streamlines the onboarding process dramatically and makes a great first impression to a new employee on the organization and efficiency of your business.

Eliminate Time Tracking

HR staff can waste a lot of time sorting through time logs, spreadsheets, files and emails. Automation tools help in tracking and calculating employee time, sending it through the approval process and then eventually on to payroll. This can be done in real-time and can be configured for multi-level approvals.

Time Off Requests Are Quick

Some organizations still use leave requests through email or verbal communication. But where does HR get involved in the leave request and approval process? This process can be improved by automating time off requests through the HR system and can update the employee record instantly.

Employees are Empowered with Automating HR

Each employee has a different reason why they need to use an HR system. From submitting frequent expense reports to changing personal data, your organization will have a difficult time managing these requests unless they are automated and initiated by the employee. By doing this, your employees are empowered and the burden to your HR staff is reduced.

Third-Party System Interaction

Automation is key to any third-party automation. With the assistance of API’s (Application Programming Interface), information can be exchanged and communicated to any third-party application. It is also helpful in cases where organizations use more than one system to manage their HR functions.

Automating HR can reduce the strain on your HR staff, increase productivity and improve participation with your employees.

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