When it comes to managing the most important assets in your business—your people — nothing compares to the ease of a Human Resource Management System (HRMS). From recruitment and onboarding to compensation and training, the right HRMS solution can provide a central location where all employee data is stored and monitored. A good HRMS allows an organization to see at a glance how well employees are being managed, with metrics to evaluate the return on investment.

Choosing the right HRMS solution

Although every HRMS is unique and offers features and benefits it can often be overwhelming to an HR department who is looking for a new HRMS to suit their needs. Here are 4 tips in choosing the right HRMS product for your organization:

HRMS Integration

Your organization has probably used quite a few software programs over the years to handle all of your HR tasks. An HRMS may be able to replace most of these systems, but it should also be able to integrate with those you continue to run.

Updates and Enhancements

It’s critical to choose an HRMS product that includes regular compliance updates and enhancements – especially now that Affordable Care Act compliance is upon us. A cloud-based product should also provide added features, such as remote accessibility and mobility.on

Software Support and Security

When evaluating a potential HRMS product for your organization, you will also want a support team that is responsive and knowledgeable. What security features are available to you in order to protect valuable employee data?

User Adoption

Early buy-in from key stakeholders is critical! This includes executives and the employees who will be using features of the HRMS, such as the employee self-service portal and benefits administration. Select a HRMS solution that provides plenty of training for all stakeholders in your organization.

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