Why is BirdDogHR Transitioning to Arcoro?

In 2018 Providence Strategic Growth brought together proven modular HR software from ExakTime, BirdDogHR and InfinityHR under the name of Arcoro. Since that time the team has been building out the Arcoro brand and infrastructure and has further established Arcoro as a leader in proven, modular HR and compliance software. InfinityHR was sunset and migrated to the Arcoro brand in December 2018. BirdDogHR is the next brand to transition to Arcoro in August 2020.

When will this change happen?

The largest part of this change will happen digitally on August 22 with the redirect of www.birddoghr.com to www.arcoro.com. Starting on August 24, BirdDogHR will continue doing business under the Arcoro brand.

Who does this change impact?

This is a strategic move that only effects the Arcoro go-to-market approach. This change does not impact the software that we develop, sell and support. All BirdDogHR employees will become Arcoro employees will continue to support our customers. Our entire team has already received new arcoro.com email addresses and are ready to continue business as usual. Our partners will need to replace the BirdDogHR logo with Arcoro branding in their marketing pieces.

What changes will BirdDogHR customers see?

BirdDogHR customers have already begun to see the transition to Arcoro. They have been receiving Arcoro customer newsletters, webinar invitations, press releases and product communications since 2019. This external change is the latest part of our transition of the BirdDogHR brand to Arcoro.

What will happen to the BirdDogHR website?

On August 22 www.birddoghr.com will be redirected to www.arcoro.com. Visitors will enjoy the refreshed and streamlined online experience to access great HR content, resources and thought leadership. If required, customers can login to their system on www.arcoro.com.

If I need to reach my BirdDogHR/Arcoro representative, what should I do?

Your account management contact is still available and you can reach them in the same manner. For technical support, Arcoro Customer & Partner Support is available at (855) 762-0523 and support@arcoro.com.

How can I follow Arcoro on social media?

We have a robust social media program and we invite you to join us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.